Raising Orphanage Standards
and Expectations

The Miracle Foundation Model is a proven three-phase method that raises the standards and expectations of existing orphanages. We start by selecting orphanages with a genuine commitment to orphans and their education. Next, we help local orphanages help themselves by providing incremental funding to cover gaps in the quality of care. This involves working hand-in-hand with the orphanages during an incubation phase to provide paired funding, training and
capacity building. App_om_pyramidWe have codified measurement standards based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and actively work with orphanages to implement improvements. Once an orphanage maintains 90%+ goal achievement, they become a Miracle Foundation partner and can count on ongoing support. Using this approach helps any struggling orphanage measure success, guard against corruption and report real, tangible, lifesaving results.

Honed over many years, our model is measurable, transparent and
corruption proof.