51 Children
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Anwesha Child Protection Center or “Anwesha”, sits on 6 acres of land in the North Eastern state of Tripura. Surrounded by fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and a banana plantation, this picturesque landscape is home to 51 beautiful children, 20 boys and 31 girls.

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Sreelekha Ray, Executive Director of the Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT), Anwesha initially began as an organization focused on preventative healthcare for Bangladesh refugees and others in need. Over time, they recognized the prevalence of child trafficking and violence in the community, which led to this passionate group of leaders to take a stand and help the innocent children. Soon thereafter, Anwesha became the Childline contact for the region, thus serving as a 24 hour free emergency hotline for children in difficult circumstances. Today, Dr. Sreelekha continues to play an active role at Anwesha along with the loving In Charge, Ms. Jayanti Deb who has been there from the start!

In January 2013, the Miracle Foundation India team visited Anwesha to conduct the first orientation session. As Dr. Sreelekha sat through the orientation, tears of joy and hope filled her kind eyes. She knows they are no longer alone. The children will be taken care of and for the first time ever, Anwesha will receive consistent funding, training and support that will enable them to provide the utmost care to the children.

The Miracle Foundation is giving the children new clothing, undergarments, shoes, personal toiletries, school supplies, school uniforms and tutors. We are working with the Management team to provide comprehensive healthcare, nutritious meals with milk, vegetables, fruit, and protein, clean water, and trainings to equip their housemothers to better care for the children. Additionally, we have hired an on-site, full time social worker to join this organization to provide professional guidance to the children, many of whom have had to overcome an unimaginable, devastating past.

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to partner with incredible leadership, caregivers and children like these. The children at Anwesha now get to experience a real childhood and a bright future; and we are thrilled to take you along on this journey.

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