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In November 2001, inspired by a desire to provide orphaned children in India with an improved quality of life, Nitesh Bansode  founded his organization Sankalp Pratistan and established the children’s home Savalee Balsadan in the state of Maharashtra.

Home to 44 children, 16  girls and 27 boys, Savalee started working with The Miracle Foundation in July 2012. At that time, they were operating entirely on donations, community support, and had one volunteer caregiver who had been with the organization for years and was working unpaid because she viewed all the children as her own. The children were receiving three nutritious meals a day with some fruit and vegetables grown in their own garden and donated milk from a local vendor for all 50 children. The children wore used clothes, and both school uniforms and toiletries were scarce. The record keeping at this home was commendable, but certain areas such as healthcare, education, and operational systems needed to be strengthened.

Through The Miracle Foundation’s approach, we are providing the children of Savalee with new clothing, shoes, personal toiletries, school uniforms, books and supplies. We hired an additional housemother to lower the child to caregiver ratio from 50:1 to 25:1 and are providing comprehensive training sessions with the housemothers, superintendent, and in charge who are eager to learn more about child development, discipline techniques, attachment, sexual abuse prevention, and so much more to better care for their children.  In order to ensure healthy development of all the children at Savalee, we are contributing to their three nutritious, balanced meals, as well as the midday snack being provided daily. We are installing water purification systems, and partnering with local doctors to ensure children have regular medical checkups and vaccinations will be given to prevent illness. Additionally, we are hiring a social worker, part time accountant, and providing finance and governance training.

To strengthen education, we hired three tutors to provide the necessary academic support to the children to ensure thorough understanding of the content being learned at school and availability of higher educational or vocational opportunities.

We look forward to working with the dedicated team at Savalee, helping to give them the tools they need to give all the children a life of quality and purpose.

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