Our Method

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The Miracle Foundation’s method is a structured approach that revolutionizes the way orphanages are run and managed.


The Miracle Foundation partners with small, struggling orphanages with a lot of heart, but not enough resources to feed, clothe, nourish and educate children. Through years of experience, we have found that the most sustainable way to help people help themselves is to strengthen existing orphanages and transform them into loving homes where children can thrive.

Our method has three phases: 


Potential orphanage candidates are identified, and apply for our program by submitting an Expression of Interest application. The Miracle Foundation India team then completes an on-site visit and rigorous screening process. Once it is determined that the home is an appropriate candidate, Miracle Foundation India staff collaborates with staff in the orphanage to establish a baseline and identify the areas where the home needs help, and the steps necessary to address these gaps.

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After both the children’s home and the project/funding plan are approved, we execute a contract and move the children’s home into the Incubation phase. At that point, we begin working with the staff to implement the plan and start improving the lives and health of the children. In Incubation, we focus on three specific areas: the children, their family of caregivers and the operation.

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Children’s homes that meet all of the milestones of the Incubate phase graduate to the Partner phase and become Partners with The Miracle Foundation. Partnership is an on-going improvement phase in which additional programs, resources, and funding are provided to continue raising standards and meeting all requirements, so that each children’s home can give their children a brighter future. Partnership between the orphanage and The Miracle Foundation ensures that every child has the opportunity to fully realize their rights and ultimately to reach their full potential.

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We are implementing The Miracle Foundation’s method in India, but our ultimate goal is to enable others to bring this unprecedented depth of care to orphaned children everywhere, helping orphans globally. Most orphan charities focus on survival; The Miracle Foundation’s method ensures that they THRIVE by giving children without parents the personal care, attention, and stability that are such a vital part of helping children lead fulfilling and happy adult lives. Our method can transform any orphanage — with staff committed to the best interest of the child — into a nurturing home. Ultimately, we can improve orphanages and the trajectory of orphaned children’s lives throughout the world.

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