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There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children. Nelson Mandela (born 1918); former President of South Africa
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The Miracle Foundation Partners with Flash Tattoos in Support of Orphans around the World

Whole Foods Market and The Miracle Foundation Team Up to Change the Lives of Children in India!

The Miracle Foundation Partners with Whole Foods Market and Whole Planet Foundation

In the News

The Herald Bulletin: Miracle Foundation works wonders for Indian orphans (November 2015)

The Miracle Foundation has embraced the goals set by 189 nations through the United Nations to eradicate poverty and hunger, provide educational opportunities, promote gender equality, lower child mortality and promote maternal health.

American Press: For the children (October 2015)

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School alumna and founder of The Miracle Foundation Caroline Boudreaux speaks before a student assembly at ICCS about her organization.

Texas Monthly: Ad (October 2015)

Be a hero. Sponsor an orphan.

People.com: Caroline Boudreaux Quits Her Corporate Job to Help Orphans in India – ‘I Now Have Everything Money Can’t Buy’ (August 2015)

Not everybody can quit their job and start an organization and help orphans, but everybody could give $5, $10, or $100 a month. It costs about $100 a month to take care of everything they need, including college. –Caroline Boudreaux

Christian Science Monitor: Caroline Boudreaux is a passionate, effective advocate for India’s orphans (February 2015)

These are the world’s children, and they belong to nobody. What if they belonged to everybody? How cool would that be? –Caroline Boudreaux

Country Woman Magazine: Reach out with puppets (January 2015)

Puppets are great teaching tools for children. They help kids learn problem solving, how to communicate their feelings and basic skills for making friends. –Caroline Boudreaux

Country Woman Magazine: Editor’s Note (September 2015)

Our readers sent 5,433 finger puppets to The Miracle Foundation. The kids… love playing with your puppets. Thanks for putting your hearts into this project.

USA Today: Coalition Tries to Rescue World’s Orphans (2013)

We’ve created a way for many orphanages affecting thousands of children to raise their standards of care.

World Economic Forum Blog: A visit to Myanmar’s schools (2013)

Despite the hardship, the children were happy and enthusiastic. There was a sense of hope about the changes going on in their country. –Caroline Boudreaux

CultureMap Austin: Keep a Child Warm for the Holidays with The Miracle Foundation (2011)

For more than ten years, The Miracle Foundation has been providing Indian children who are orphaned, on the street or without parents who can care for them with a loving home, nutritious food, quality education, medical care and that most important of things: love.

Austin American-Statesman: Change Began on Austinite’s Trip to Indian Orphanage (2010)

Boudreaux couldn’t stop thinking about Sheebani and the other Orissa orphans: “I was going to do something if it was the last thing I ever did. If I didn’t help them, nobody would.”

The Daily Texan: Foundation Transforms Lives (2010)

It took me about four years after meeting the orphans to figure out that it wasn’t adoptions that we wanted to do, it was taking care of children in an excellent way that launches them out of the cycle of poverty. –Caroline Boudreaux

[On service trips, you] always go with the intention of helping others, but you come back realizing how much they’ve really helped you and touched your life. –Ashley Haustein

OmTimes: Compassion in Action (2010)

It was incomprehensible to Boudreaux that children were living this way. She knew she had to do something to help and that she had to act soon.

Brilliant: Destiny’s Child (2009)

I was struck by how little these orphans had externally, but how much spirit and radiance they had inside. They were truly a joy to be around.

India Abroad: Teardrops on the Cheek of Time (2009)

If not me, who? If not now, when?

American Way: Being There (2008)

When American Airlines flight attendant Linda Feeney met Caroline Boudreaux on a flight from Delhi, India, to Chicago in 2006, she had no idea how much it would affect her life.

Austin Woman: The Miracle Foundation — All Signs Point to the Children (2008)

It was in that moment Boudreaux realized she had no choice but to find a way to do something to affect change in the lives of these lonely children.

Austin Business Journal: Miracle Foundation Raises $240,000 in Record Time (2007)

We are fortunate to live in a city full of socially-­responsible, global citizens who step up to the plate… –Caroline Boudreaux

A Magazine: Philanthropy—The Business of Giving (2007)

There are needs everywhere. When you give abroad, if used wisely, it can save lives versus bettering them. It’s money well-spent.

The Times of India: Opening up a Window to the Wide World (2006)

Computers are a window to the world and they would help these children in a big way. Software to help children learn subjects such as English and mathematics have been installed. –Caroline Boudreaux

Westlake Picayune: Finding a Miracle (2004)

I am the proud owner of everything money can’t buy. I have peace, I have joy. I am fulfilled. –Caroline Boudreaux

Tribeza: Caroline Boudreaux and The Miracle Foundation (2003)

I had never thought about orphans before, much less held them. They had nothing. And then I met Sheebani Das. When I had to put her to sleep on those wooden slats they called a bed, I broke down and knew I had to do something. She truly changed my life. –Caroline Boudreaux


The Nobelity Project: Turk Pipkin’s One Child at a Time