Our Accomplishments

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant. Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–94); Scottish novelist, poet, travel writer
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Since its inception in May 2000, The Miracle Foundation has been caring for orphan children throughout rural India, and we have significantly impacted the entire childhoods of more than 1,500 children.

To do this we established a set of standards or charter — inspired by the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child — that when implemented, empowers orphan children to reach their full potential. Based on this Rights of the Child charter – we created and launched a revolutionary and repeatable approach that incrementally improves the standard of care and turns orphanages into homes.

The Miracle Foundation’s method has focused our efforts and driven all that we provide and accomplished:

  • Significantly impacted more than 1,500 children.
  • Built capacity in 15 children’s homes.
  • Developed 14 Modules of Life Skills Education
  • Developed a full curriculum of House Mother Training.
  • Trained more than 100 caregivers and house mothers.
  • Developed and implemented Child Protection strategies for children’s homes.
  • Vaccinated over 1,000 children, and fought life-threatening illnesses, such as typhoid, tuberculosis, anemia, measles.
  • Helped send 10 children to college.
  • Built bathrooms, wells, kitchens, prayer halls, libraries and computer labs and installed playscapes, water purification systems, and organic gardens.
  • Taken hundreds of orphaned children on field trips to parks, beaches, zoos, carnivals, cricket matches, and ice cream parties.
  • Instituted children’s clubs, through which children learn to have a voice, take responsibility, and are empowered to play an integral part in their own destiny.
  • Provided education, tutoring, scholarships and mentorship and taken  children from infancy all the way to being young adults, ready to independently contribute to society.
  • Trained more than 300 volunteers to visit the children’s homes.

We have worked in some of the most remote and challenging regions of India – and we’ve  had a lot of help along the way:

With this focus and support – in just the last 12 months, we have funded, and continue to fund many programs, including:

  • Continuing to bring on new orphanages across India – our 9th orphanage, Dreamland, joined in Feb 2014.
  • Serving over 300,000 healthy, delicious, nutritious meals
  • Installing 7 water purification systems
  • Providing toiletry kits to 368 children.
Thank you to all who have given their love and support. Together, we are changing the lives of orphaned children. If you’d like to join us: become a monthly sponsor and help us sustain and grow the number of amazing children we can serve.