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“Many people don’t realize that 80% of children living in institutions have a family, but are separated due to poverty.”  — Leslie Beasley, CEO Miracle Foundation   

We have been advocating for children for 20 years and on September 26, the National Commission for the Protection of Child’s Rights officially stated that:

“You cannot take away the right to a family from a child because of poverty.” 

In light of this declaration, the NCPCR has directed that 70% of the children currently living in orphanages across India need to be placed within families.

This is a moment for which Miracle Foundation is uniquely prepared. For years, we have been committed to seeing children living in families – not institutions. This focus was the inspiration behind the creation of our Home Thrive Scale  methodology – a proven case management process which ensures that when children are sent home they remain safe and thriving. 

We are ready for this, but we need help. Here is how you can specifically support close to 200,000 children in India to go home: 

  • $1260 will ensure that we can place a child into a family safely and effectively. 
  • $150 will enable a  child to stay in school by providing them with tablets to continue their education and not fall behind. 
  • $75 will help us rise to the scale of this undertaking by deploying our proven Home Thrive Scale  methodology to the organizations and state governments throughout India. 
  • $50 will provide children with internet for 12 months so that they can stay connected to services and counseling in their communities.

This is a game changer for orphaned and vulnerable children in India and Miracle Foundation has the expertise to facilitate these children’s return to family care – safely and permanently.  

You have the opportunity to tremendously impact children like never before. We hope you will join us in supporting children being at home with a  family


Photo credit to the talented John Marshall




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