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The Business of Making Miracles with Transnetyx

Companies around the world are getting in the business of making miracles with Miracle Foundation. You can, too! In fact, creating a corporate culture of giving attracts new talent and consumers are willing to pay a premium for products and services from a company that advances social causes.

If your company is trying to change the world, email Dianne Holbrook at

Meet one of Miracle Foundation’s incredible corporate partners: Transnetyx. After meeting Founder Caroline Boudreaux, Transnetyx CEO Bob Bean decided to take action and get his company involved.

“What Miracle Foundation has done for Transnetyx is provide a tangible way for us to give back to a group of people who have challenges ahead. Our company and employees are honored to be able encourage and support them as they overcome these obstacles. Miracle Foundation has allowed us to participate responsibly and accountably and know that the focus is on the children. The integrity and transparency of Miracle Foundation has made it possible to spend our time and energy on what matters most.”
–Bob Bean, Transnetyx CEO

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