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Caroline’s Take: Turning 18 on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here. It’s a special time when we celebrate our moms and everything they have done for us. Mother’s Day is Miracle Foundation’s special day. It was the day I stumbled into an orphanage and found 110 kids living without their mothers. It was the day my life changed and I realized I could make a difference for children if I could find people to care for them.

This Mother’s Day is Miracle Foundation’s 18th birthday.  🎉

What does it mean to turn 18? We tend to think of it as marking a transition from being a child to becoming an adult. And it is, in theory. In reality, no mother thinks a child is “done” at 18! In orphanages and in foster care, we treat 18 as an endpoint, rather than the starting point it is.

Children get kicked out from the system when they turn 18. We start to give them a foundation, and then suddenly we pull that out from under them at 18. What is that about?

We tell them, in essence, “There isn’t anything else we need to do for you. Good luck.” And it’s all based on the arbitrary number 18. It’s crazy.

That’s precisely why Miracle Foundation was created, to give kids that need us a foundation and a future. Like any good parent, we stick with them and make sure they get everything they need to thrive. In 18 years, Miracle Foundation has accomplished some true miracles AND we understand we’re just getting started. Our future is out in front of us and we continue to need you. Just like kids at 18 continue to need your love, care and support.

I’m asking you for help on this Mother’s Day, our Founding Day. A day that’s more important to me than my own birthday. Kids who don’t have a mom or dad, need you.

Please, consider becoming a Global Parent and helping a kid who might not have anyone else. Global Parents support children with a monthly donation. It’s powerful for us because it lets us know exactly how many kids we can help raise. It’s good for you to know you’re doing something to help someone else. If you are already a Global Parent, thank you. If you aren’t, now is the time.

Help us make our 18th birthday one that changes everyone’s lives for the better and gives the love of a mother to kids who aren’t lucky enough to have one.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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