Miracle Foundation has over 20 years of experience working with corporations – both large and small.  Our dedicated team will help you implement employee volunteer opportunities, cause marketing campaigns, and turn-key charitable giving plans that support your corporate mission and give back to your local community.

Broad Appeal

At Miracle Foundation, we focus on children and families, a mission that is accessible to everyone.

The Real Deal

After 20 years, we are an experienced and trusted organization with the highest industry ratings.

See Results

87% of every dollar raised is used for programs in the field. See your generosity in action!

Why choose Miracle as your partner

  • Innovative team building exercise
  • Ability to understand your direct impact
  • Encouraging the culture of giving within your organization
  • Makes you a stand-out employer
  • Looks good to potential clients
  • Feels good to get involved

Get Started

We’d love to discuss a partnership that will work for both of us. Reach out and a member of our development team will get right back with you.

Miracle Foundation

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