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Our Partners Create Miracles Every Day
World Economic Forum
Gives platform for advocacy
Donates to Miracle Foundation
Partners with Miracle Foundation for events and campaigns
New York Life
Donates to Miracle Foundation
Whole Planet Foundation
Sends volunteers to our orphanages
Gives monthly to Miracle Foundation
National Instruments
Donates to Miracle Foundation
Europe Incoming
Donates to Miracle Foundation
Consero Global
Engages employees in the US and India to raise funds for Miracle Foundation
Engages employees to raise funds for Miracle Foundation
Mother Huggers
Raises money for Miracle Foundation
Provides WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) consultancy
Safe Water Network
Provides clean water consultancy
St. Stephen’s Hospital
Provides quality healthcare
Transcend Centre for Personal Excellence
Provides aptitude testing & career counseling
Computer-based English curriculum and support
Teaches English to children
Emerging Leaders
Provides leadership training as children age out of care
Trains tutors for each of our homes
NIIT Foundation
Provides computer literacy curriculum and support
Science in a Suitcase
Teaches robotics at our orphanages

The Following Partners Make Generous Donations of Their Services

Marketing & website design

Search Marketing Services: SEO & PPC

Texas Systems Group
IT services
Cosmo City Media
Video production
Vinson & Elkins
Pro bono legal guidance
Powell, Ebert & Smolik, P.C.
Pro bono 990 preparation

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