Our Viewpoint

Our goal is for every child to live in a loving family; to become a healthy, happy, self-sustaining person–and experience a true sense of belonging.

Every child deserves a loving family. That’s why we explore every avenue to reunite children with a parent or relative if possible, facilitate adoptions when feasible, and provide a loving home to parentless children with nowhere else to go.

Learn more about our approach to alternative care in this video.

Video Transcript:

I want to talk about our viewpoint. I’ve been to hundreds of orphanages in many different countries and you know, people are against orphanages. I understand why people don’t want children to live in institutions. We want children to live in families.

Children deserve to live in a family—and if they can’t live in a family, they deserve to live in a family environment. There are three things the Miracle Foundation does to ensure children live with their family.

The first thing we do is we work with institutions to resettle children that have parents that can care for them. Orphanages are loaded with children that have parents. And the parents are just too poor to care for them. So what we do is we work with an orphanage to make sure to do a home study to get children back in their families. People say, “You take care of my children. I’m too poor… I can’t feed them like you can feed them.” So they put them in these institutions. Well, what happens is the institution hasn’t saved an orphan. They’ve created one.

The second thing we do is support adoption and foster care children that will live in forever families. They may not be biologically theirs, but they will be spiritually theirs.

And then finally we help institutions that are full of children that can’t go back to their parents and aren’t available for foster care or adoption. And we help create a loving, stable, nurturing family environment for those children.

So those are the three things that Miracle Foundation does to promote a family environment. And those are the things that children around the world need in order to grow up and live their full potential.

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