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E-mail from the Children: Poulina

At our Rourkela Home for Children, there is a community computer center donated by AMD.  Our children are taught basic computers skills by our computer teacher, Preeti. Computer classes are also offered to the community for only $1 a month. It is through this computer lab and these computer classes that we hope to empower not only the children in our care but entire surrounding communities as well.  The e-mails posted here are from our children and they are typically addressed to our founder, Caroline Boudreaux.  We hope you find them interesting…


Dear Aunty Caroline,

How are you? I am Fine. You? My school is very nice. I have got 60 %. Now I am going in class-IV. I am eleven years old. My best colours are Red,Yellow and Pink. My hobbies is reading story books. My best friends are Eren Ekka and Nishita Nayak. My best subject are Science, Math, English. Our house
mothers are Uma, Fulkeria and Jyoti.

God bless you,
From Poulina

Note:  The grading scale our children use goes like this: A+ (91 to 100), A (81 to 90), B+ (71 to 80) and so and so on.

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