Travel to India and Experience A Miracle First Hand

We invite you to experience first hand the miraculous work we do in India. A trip with the Miracle Foundation will change your life. You’ll fall in love with the children, be inspired by their caregivers, meet their social workers, eat in their dining rooms and help them with an improvement project—it’s a powerful experience of a lifetime.

And when you travel to India and give a miracle of your presence, you tend to get an unexpected miracle in return…

What miracle will you experience?

When you bring together those who have, with those who have not — miracles happen.

Become an Ambassador

An Ambassador is a diplomat of the highest rank, who has the authority to speak and act on behalf of someone else. We call our travelers “Ambassadors” because, by traveling with us, you have the honor and experience to speak on behalf of the children. We want everyone to know about them. As you spread the word about the children and our unique and impactful approach, you will inspire others to get involved as well.

Complete an Ambassador Project

Every tour with the Miracle Foundation includes a fun project component. Projects vary depending on current needs, but may include building a playground, renovating a bathroom or a kitchen, painting colorful murals, or taking the children on an exciting field trip.

Experience Incredible India

We believe that world travel helps to open hearts and minds and turn travelers into global citizens, so we make certain you have the opportunity to see the real India, both inside and outside the children’s home. You’ll take an excursion to the nearby town or village, where you’ll have the opportunity to shop in the local market, visit a Hindu temple, experience a rickshaw ride, or some other uniquely Indian activity. And you don’t have to worry planning a travel itinerary because we arrange all aspects of your tour before you leave home.

Travel Details

Your non-refundable deposit of $475 reserves your seat and is applied to the total cost of $3,200. This includes all in-country travel, food, excursions, and guides while with the Miracle Foundation team. We can assist you in setting up a fundraising page to help you raise funds for your trip. We make it incredibly easy for your friends and family to make tax-deductible donations using our online fundraising tool.

International airfare, Indian visa, inoculations, travel insurance, and optional extended tourism in India are additional costs to you and are not included in this figure. We limit each trip to 10 people, and you are not confirmed until your deposit has been received.


We typically take one trip to India each year in the first quarter (January-March).

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Photo by Lynne Dobson