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Caroline’s Take: Good News!

As everyone headed back to school over the past month, I thought it was interesting to note that I recently went back to school too. No, not to get a degree. But because I know learning is a lifelong endeavor. Most recently, I attended a meeting with other organizations at the London Business School. And a few weeks ago, I participated in the UN General Assembly in New York. We tend to think the world has so many impossible problems, but I heard some really good news too. And THAT, I want to share!

Taking a look at global trends over the last 50 years, you’ll notice that the world is actually getting better. Yes, really! There has never been a better time to be alive than right now. Life spans are up, conflict and wars are down, literacy is at an all time high. Since 2000, we’ve seen like-minded organizations working together to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, provided more clean water to more places in the world, practically eradicated small pox and have fewer and fewer women dying during childbirth.

Our 24-hour “breaking” news isn’t so breaking, and they’re not paid to report on the number of planes that take off — only ones that crash. And, there are risks to be sure. Rising inequality is a real problem but, if you’re reading this blog, you’re helping work on that.

So, take it in for a moment. We are, truly, living in the best time ever to be human. And, together we’re making a difference for more of those in need than ever before. At Miracle Foundation, we’re succeeding not only on that global level, but we’re triumphing on the local level, too. That means making a difference on a world that works for everyone.

Thanks for being a part of the vision. Enjoy the good news and thank you!


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