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‘I found the family I had lost.’ -An insight into Subbu

During one of my visits to Cornerstone home, I met this bright, young boy called Subramanian. He is all of 13 years and studies in Grade 9 in a nearby school. Being the chirpy one that he is, I immediately struck a cord with him and had a heart touching conversation. He is deep and extremely focussed. He literally emitted happiness as we spoke. Allow me to take you into a brief insight to the life of this wonderful kid here.


Young Subbu, all set for school

Lovingly called Subbu by his Cornerstone family, Subramian came to live here when he was all of five years. He had lost both his parents to medical ailments that year and only had his younger brother, Selvam to call his own. His grand father, their only surviving guardian brought them to the care of Cornerstone Home.

with younger brother (2)

Subbu and his younger brother, Selvam

Having lost his parents very early in life, he always felt love-deprived. He yearned for that affection and care of a mother. Gradually, living with so many children like him and under Mr. Issac’s care, who is also the Chief Functionary of this home, he felt complete. He begun to cherish the company of so many siblings and the affection he received from this extended family.Today, he looks up to his housemother as his own and calls her ‘Amma’, or Mother in English.

With HM (2)

Subbu and his ‘Amma’

back from school

On a regular school day with his friends

Subbu says that it is this love and support he receives from all that encourages him to study harder and perform well at school. Mr. Issac is like a father figure to him and he meets all his needs. He is his biggest support system. He has a dream, a dream that he is optimistic about achieving. He dreams of becoming a computer engineer one day. He just wants to earn enough to be able to take care of his younger brother, Selvam. He wants to give back to the all the people who have nurtured and cherished him in life.

Snacks time (3)

Snack time with friends

Tea time

Fun with peers

Rally program

   At a rally with friends

Subbu feels blessed to be at Cornerstone. He calls it the family that god gave him, when he lost his own. It is a home away from home for him. Subbu has sure grown with good values and a family he will never lose. With your support and help, we are certain that Subbu will go on to do greater things in life.

Thank you.

Much love and respect,


Communication & Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Miracle Foundation, India

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