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Meet Mama Ambili

Ambili knows there’s nothing stronger than a mother’s love. That’s why she cares so lovingly for the girls at HMM orphanage in Kerala, India.

This Mother’s Day, as children around the world celebrate their moms, we celebrate Ambili and the other amazing women caring for orphaned children.

Ambili is “Mama” to 18 girls. Can you imagine? While Ambili does get overwhelmed at times, she loves the girls fiercely… and that’s what keeps her going day in and day out.

When asked what motherhood means to her, Ambili said, “A mother is someone who stands by her children during their ups and downs in life. She plays many roles… a caregiver, teacher, cheerleader, and confidante.”

Ambili loves teaching the kids and helping them with their homework. Building trust with the girls is very important to her. Her heart is full when the girls open up, share their feelings, and ask her for guidance.

Ambili’s dream for her girls is for them to become independent, happy, and compassionate women. She plans to spend many more years as a “Mama” at HMM, caring for, supporting, and loving as many girls as possible.

Does Ambili remind you of your mom? This Mother’s Day, make Mom feel really special. Give her a gift that makes an impact around the world, providing orphaned children the love and care they need to thrive.

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