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Meet Miracle Maker, Amy Brees

Amy is a long-time sponsor and Ambassador for the Miracle Foundation. She is a pillar of the organization. Amy and her husband Chip met Founder Caroline Boudreaux in 2006 and have been incredible supporters since, even inviting their friends and family to join in making miracles for orphans.

I never had any desire to go to India. It just wasn’t on my list of places I wanted to travel. But I believe that God put Caroline in my life for a reason. My first Ambassador trip to India with the Miracle Foundation in March of 2010 was one of the best experiences of my life. Now, I’ve been to India three times and will be taking my fourth trip this July.

My husband Chip and I met Caroline at a birthday party in 2006. I can still picture our first interaction vividly. Caroline had set up a display with pictures of Indian orphans, so Chip and I went over to check it out. Caroline talked to us about what the Miracle Foundation does and then asked us to become sponsors.

I was skeptical at first, but after talking to Caroline more and more, we agreed. It was obvious that if anyone here in Austin could ensure orphaned children in India all of their rights, it was Caroline. Her passion and commitment to the children was incredible… and contagious!

Over the years, Caroline – who quickly became one of our close friends – kept telling me that I needed to go to India to see the impact of our sponsorship first-hand. I remained unconvinced.

But then, one Wednesday evening a couple of years later, I had Caroline come speak at my church about the work the Miracle Foundation was doing. As she spoke, I was overcome with a very strong feeling that I needed to go.

In March of 2010, I embarked on a trip that would change my life forever. I met a young girl named Alsama, and I instantly fell in love with her. She stole my heart.

The housemothers at Alsama’s home worked so hard, and she was a leader and big help to them.

I saw so much love and happiness at the home, even though, to my American eyes, it looked like they had so little. During that first trip to India, I learned so much about happiness. These kids had next to nothing, and yet they were the happiest people I had ever met. They taught me a lot about gratitude. Since that first trip to India, I try to not take anything for granted.

Every time I start to complain about anything, I think back to Alsama and her home. Thinking about her makes my heart feel happy and full and puts everything in perspective.

I can’t wait to go to India this July, meet the children at Cornerstone orphanage, and be with the amazing housemothers who make that orphanage a home.

Want to visit the kids in July? There are still limited spots available. Call or email Heather today at 512.329.8635 or to secure your spot!

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