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Meet Miracle Maker, Jennell Lewis

In July 2016, we met Jennell Lewis. She had seen our marquee on 6th Street in Austin, read about our work empowering orphans online, and was inspired to make miracles for the children we support. Here’s her story, in her own words:

Every day on my way home from work, I used to pass this little yellow house on 6th Street in Austin. Out front was a marquee that always displayed beautiful messages of love, equality, and altruism.

After a lot of thought about what I wanted to contribute to the world, I decided to Google that little yellow house and see what they were all about. That little yellow house turned out to be the Miracle Foundation.

I read their site, educated myself on their history and mission, and decided to spend the next 12 months raising awareness on their behalf and help them in their pursuit to empower orphans and break the cycle of poverty. I was so inspired by their mission and their approach.

I began to brainstorm ways I could use my particular set of talents in service of their cause. My background is in dance, and I work at a local dance studio called Dance Austin Studio. I pitched the idea of organizing an event on behalf of the Miracle Foundation to the studio owner Chi Chi Randolph and the studio manager Talisa Davis. They were instantly on board, and the “Art of Miracles” event was born.

We worked for three months to organize the event, and on April 9th, 2017 we threw the first ever “Art of Miracles” event at The North Door downtown. The evening was filled with all forms of art: Dance, spoken word, live music, and live painting. We put together a silent auction with donations from businesses all around Austin, and the audience was incredible. The talent was captivating, full of conscious-minded messages of love and interconnectedness.

We raised more than $2,000 through the event and spread the Miracle Foundation’s message and purpose to a whole new audience. It was an amazing success!

I am so grateful for the inspiration that this organization has brought to my life. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to support their incredible work, and I will never lose sight of the truth that we really do rise by lifting others.

Interested in making miracles for orphans using your unique set of talents? Email Steph at today!

Photos by Earl McGehee

April 24, 2017 CATEGORY: News

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