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Meet Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar is a 19-year-old Miracle Foundation scholarship recipient from Anbarasi orphanage. He is in his second year of college, studying Mechanical Engineering.

Like all of our scholarship recipients, Saravana fills out the application every year with information about his school, his engineering program and courses, and future academic and professional goals.

When asked about his college experience, Saravana says, “I love my computer science classes. I also love to spend time with my friends, sharing food and chatting with them. Also, my professors are great! They are caring and help me in many ways.”

Saravana has an older brother, who he is staying with while he completes his studies. Saravana enjoys staying with his older brother and riding the bus to his college classes.

Upon graduation, Saravana plans to become a Mechanical Engineer. He’s excited to become an independent adult and begin his career. We’ll continue to guide him on his journey, even checking in on him after he graduates from college! Our commitment is to orphaned children from the day they arrive at an orphanage until they become independent, thriving adults.

Miracle Foundation supports more than 50 students like Saravana pursuing higher education. You can provide them their right to a quality education. Help us send an orphan to college with a $1,200 donation today at

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