Message from the Founder

Message from the Founder


It seems like every time I hear the news, it’s bad news. It’s not only depressing, it lacks perspective and is an injustice to all the people (like you) who are doing their part to make this world work for everyone.

Clearly there is so much bad and even sad news out there, but we are also making huge strides in our commitment to improve life for humanity.

This is the news I want to share with you because the support you are giving is a piece of it. The work we are doing is part of a global movement to create a world that works for everyone.

In 2000, 183 nations of the United Nations signed on to a historic agreement called the Millennium Development Goals, committing to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015.

And in the last 15 years the number of people living in poverty was cut in half, hunger was cut in half, 2.3 billion people got access to clean water, maternal mortality dropped by almost half, and infant mortality plummeted. Now 80% of girls around the world are in school (as opposed to only 50% in 2000). The number of new HIV infections has fallen by nearly 40% since 2000. And while the fights for gender and racial equality are still being fought, even those are better than before.

The really great news is that in 2015 the United Nations announced the next iteration: The Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 Global Goals lay out a vision for improving the lives of people all over the world even more by 2030.

The global community has taken on these goals in full force. Imagine a world that works for everyone. Just ask millennials, one of the most generous generations ever, and they’ll tell you this can happen. Most of them are working on it.

I share this news with you so you know your support is contributing to a much bigger global movement. In spite of all of the bad news in the world, there are also significant historic positive changes being made, and you are playing a role in this powerful transformation.

Thank you for doing your part.

This holiday season, I’m counting my blessings. You’re one of them. There are a lot of little kids out there thankful for you. Thanking you for caring about them even though they’re a stranger. I know you get fulfillment from helping them. They wouldn’t be who they are without you.

Maybe things aren’t so bad after all?

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  1. benefice tuyisenge November 15, 2016 at 2:04 pm - Reply

    Hey! Caroline
    I can’t say how grateful iam for this kind information, just to make me remember that though we hear bad news, we can continue to strive to bring awareness within Orphans and eradicate poverty by full force. it can happen the poverty doesn’t end but we can see reductions like the obvious years since 2000 to 2015, United nations didn’t expect to see the numbers of girls increase fortunately 80% are in schools that’s an amazing act. so for sure you upraised my beliefs ,I will serve for the orphans and bring hope to the hopeless with all my heart. keep on inspiring me ,giving new informations so that to keep on creating awareness without a failure.

    thanks from Benefice Tuyisenge.
    Uganda-Nakivale Refugee Association
    contact: +256794405714

  2. Kristen Cheney November 15, 2016 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    Supporting and sustaining orphanages goes directly against the Sustainable Development Goals and children’s rights to grow up in families. The research is clear: orphanages are damaging environments for children, and support to orphanages only serves to draw more children into them (usually due to poverty, NOT orphanhood), furthering marginalizing them.
    Accordingly, all major international children’s organization — Unicef, Save the Children, the Better Care Network — advocate for family preservation and strengthening as a much more sustainable and healthier practice. Try support families and communities to raise their own children, rather than fueling the exploitative orphanage industry.

    • Ashley Haustein November 16, 2016 at 1:07 pm - Reply

      Kristen, thank you so much for your comment and passion for orphans. Our method is based on the United Nations Rights of the Child, one of which is the right to live with family or relatives, if possible. We do a lot of work resettling children from orphanages to live with their families whenever possible, and encourage the orphanages we support to ensure all orphans eligible for adoption are cleared for adoption.

      We recognize that, at least for the time being, some children without parents or extended family are living in institutions that desperately need help to provide care for those children. We know that it’s best for children to grow up in a family, so we work hard to create a family environment for children who have nowhere else to go. We give those children clean water, food, healthcare, and an excellent education—all in a loving, nurturing environment.

      We are establishing partnerships with other organizations working in alternative care programs and adoption, and are also working with the Government of Maharashtra to ensure orphaned children across the state are given the best care possible.

  3. Shahroz February 25, 2017 at 5:25 am - Reply

    My Nmae Shahroz i need help for orphans childrens I live in Lahore Pakistan

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