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Rob congratulations on the Top Kred Influencer badge! We enjoyed the blog on correlating open source and the Miracle Foundation program.  Open source is so powerful in the non-profit world and we are leaping into it with both feet!  We already leverage the, platform as the foundation for all of our applications.  Whether tracking the growth and hemoglobin levels of the children in the homes, the training history of housemothers or even the orphanage pipeline, provides us with a powerful platform for building out applications necessary to efficiently run our operations. Through the, we receive 10 free licenses of the Enterprise Edition, allowing us to afford to tap into the vast power of their platform.

Now we are extending our use by converting to their Non-Profit Starter Pack (NPSP) as our donor management system.  NPSP is a free open-source, BSD-licensed package tailored to the specific requirements of non-profits. We will be joining the over 18,000 non-profits in collaborating and benefitting in this amazing open source project. We are so thankful to & their foundation for virtually eliminating the cost for automation allowing us to maximize our investment where it belongs in Empowering Orphans and Orphanages to reach their full potential!

If you are interested in helping us support a new children’s home by Mother’s Day, watch the video below or join us in our challenge!

#Mother's Day - Orphans Over Orchids

May 10, 2013 CATEGORY: News

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