Thrive Scale™

Measuring Progress

A tool that ensures children are safe and permanently in a family.

Every day around the world, social workers, caregivers, and government officials make deductions that impact millions of children. At Miracle Foundation, we provide a highly specialized model and training to these “Boots on the Ground” workers in the childcare ecosystem.

To do this, we utilize our Thrive Scale™ methodology, which allows us to measure progress and assess risk at every stage of our work. The Thrive Scale™ focuses on five well-being domains: Physical & Mental Health, Education, Family & Social Relationships, Home Finances, and Living Conditions.

Developed over the past two decades, this one-of-a-kind tool takes the guesswork out of caring for children, especially during the critical period after a child leaves an orphanage and returns to a family environment.

Methodology into Technology

Our vision of a family for every child in our lifetime will only be reached if tools can be used across different geographical areas and adapted to any culture or language. To do this, we have turned our trademarked ThriveScale methodology into an easy-to-use, phone-based app.

As the world questions how to safely bring children home from orphanages or how to ensure the safety of a child’s environment, the ThriveScale™ is the answer. Now, it will be our honor to share it wherever children are dreaming of home.

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The Thrive Scale At Work – Priya: A Case Study

Priya was born in rural India in the state of Maharashtra. Her father died when she was only 6 years old and her struggling mother could not support the family. In an act of desperation and selfless love, she placed her three young girls in an orphanage, hoping they would have a better life.

Priya and her sisters

Priya and her sisters lived at this orphanage for seven long years until a Miracle Foundation staff member asked them one critical question:

“Is there anyone you would feel safe going home to live with?”

Of the 70 children at the orphanage, all 70 could name a safe individual and–once contacted–all 70 had relatives come to discuss next steps. In Priya’s case, it was her grandmother who showed up, eager to have the children home again.

This is where the Thrive Scale™ goes to work. Home studies from social workers evaluate the state of Priya’s living environment. Using a phone-based app and a series of measurable markers, a baseline condition is established and needs are assessed. From the quality of the school to the location of the nearest hospital, no area of health, education or  wellness is overlooked.

In Priya’s case, her grandmother’s home needed a new roof, beds, mattresses, furniture, and support paying for school transportation fees, access to wi-fi, and school supplies.

On average, it costs $1,260 to complete this process and support a child as they return home. Ironically, it costs four times that to keep a child in an orphanage.   

Once settled, Miracle Foundation social workers follow up with Priya and reevaluate her placement and Thrive Scale™ score on a quarterly basis, taking note of successes and working to enhance areas that need improvement. 

It’s a process that unfolds over 24 months to ensure each child is safe and permanently home where they belong.

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Help Bring Children Home.

The Thrive Scale™ provides the data we need to do our work, but it is only a tool. The truth is: Without intervention, children stay in orphanages. Without support, vulnerable families struggle to keep the children they so desperately want. 

But we can end this cycle. With your help, along with our expertise and the Thrive Scale™ to keep children safe and permanently home, we can end the age of the orphanage and ensure a family for every child in our lifetime. 

To help a child like Priya live with family,  DONATE HERE.

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