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Right To Dignity & Freedom

Dear All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am back after a fruitful trip to Dreamland Children’s home in Maharashtra and had a wonderful three days with the children. The kids were interactive and full of energy. Program Manager, Pranjali conducted the elections for the incoming children’s committees. The kids put in their heart and soul into campaigning for themselves. They made the ballot boxes, created posters and slogans for themselves and also presented a speech in front of their voters. The audience fired several questions at them, which I must say were responded well to by the nominees.
As we move into the month of July, I would take this opportunity to introduce to you A CHILD’S RIGHT TO DIGNITY AND FREEDOM, By this right, we enable every child to live in an environment that fosters a sense of dignity and freedom. This includes living in clean and safe conditions, having sufficient and essential personal belongings, being entitled to their privacy, and always being treated with respect. We ensure that our associate homes with our support and guidance meet the following needs of this right-


• All children must have their personal possessions and a place to store these possessions.


• Every child is provided with his or her own bed or sleeping mattress along with a blanket and pillow for weather conditions.
• The home has separate sleeping facilities for boys/girls based on age groups as required by the JJA.
• The dormitory for the children has at least 40 sq. ft. per child.
• Each child has proper bed linens that are cleaned every 2 weeks or when soiled and has clean, hygienic mattresses.
• The children to toilet/shower/wash basin/etc. ratio is equivalent to the determined ratio presented in the Juvenile Justice Act. Bathroom to Children Ratio is 1:10, Toilet to Children Ratio is 1:7 and Sufficient Space for Washing.
• The children’s clothing and uniforms are well mended and they have sufficient clothing for weather conditions.


• Each child is provided with personal toiletries that are replenished as needed.
• The children allowed to choose what they wear during non-school hours.
• Children live in clean and well maintained conditions.


• All children are given personal preferences on clothing, food, etc. whenever feasible.
• The children’s home structure meets the minimum JJA requirements.


• The children’s home has a safe and adequate outdoor play area.

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• The home has adequate fire safety measures and staff is trained to handle such emergencies.


• There are garbage cans out of doors for depositing litter.
• All windows are covered with screens.

These were just a few key points integral to the RIGHT TO DIGNITY AND FREEDOM. As we move through the month, I will throw more light on this particular right and bring you lots of stories from across our homes.

Thank you for always being there for us.

Much love and respect,

Snigdha Raha

Communication & Sponsorship Co-ordinator,

Miracle Foundation India








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