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Sisters as Mothers

Bethel is run by the Bethelmite sisters, an order in the Roman Catholic Church.

These sisters have a long history. Their order, the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was founded in Guatemala in 1658. The female branch began ten years later. Currently, these sisters are working in thirteen different countries and first came to India in 1980. Their mission is primarily education and care for the sick and orphans. These dedicated, loving women are the founders of Bethel as well as loving caregivers to 118 children.

Here’s a photo of TMF Ambassador, Kathleen, with Sister Lily, the Mother Superior at Bethel.
Kathleen Sister Lily bethel

These women, like mothers, devote their lives to their children. The nuns care for them when they are sick, serving them special bread and milk with horlicks, a chocolate powder. They spend time, eat meals, and play with the children. They ask them about their days and share in their joys and sorrows, their disappointments and their jokes.  Like mothers, they console the children when they share of painful experiences in the past, helping them to heal inwardly. Just like mothers, these sisters referee the children’s games, help them with their homework,  and give them lots of hugs and attention. In short, these sisters are mothers.

nun with kid

nun homeworknun with kids

If you would like to honor your mom, sister, friend or wife this Mother’s Day while helping us fund a new orphanage by May 12th, check out our campaign!

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