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Some Of Our Shining Stars!

Our patrons often ask: What happens when the children leave the orphanage? Who guides them on the path to higher education and a career?

At The Miracle Foundation, we commit ourselves to guiding and supporting the children when they age out of the home. We counsel and encourage them to seek higher education through college or career training. We are proud to announce two recent Standard Twelve graduates and recipients of higher education scholarships.

2013_02__SUBRAMANI_ANBARASI_17 yrs

Current Standard Twelve student, Subramani, is  a strong student, but he wasn’t always so. A year ago, Subramani wanted to drop out of school become a cleaner to make money. However, after completing the The Miracle Foundation Life Skills course, Subramani revised his goals when he realized there are other professions out there.  He decided to continue his studies and improve his grades until he obtained the education and skills to have a different future. He is the first recipient of the Seana Weissman Shaw Memorial scholarship made possible by Rob and Laura Hirschfeld.

Another new graduate and scholarship recipient is Poorna who is studying to become a CPA. Poorna’s scholarship is made possible through the Shampant Endowment for Higher Education.

We’re excited to take you along on this journey as Subramani and Poorna make their way into the world!

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