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Turk and Willie talk about One Peace at a Time

The Nobelity Project has a new film coming out April 14th at the Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX. It’s called One Peace at a Time and the premiere will honor Miracle Foundation founder Caroline Boudreaux.  Director Turk Pipkin and Willie Nelson give us the skinny on it.

Here’s a bit more on the film:

One Peace at a Time is an inspiring feature documentary highlighting solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. The film includes the insights of Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Physicist Steven Chu, (Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy), Dr. Helene Gayle (CEO of CARE, International), American legend Willie Nelson and many others.

The film follows director Turk Pipkin’s five-continent, two-year search for a better way ahead. Pipkin sought the answer to one basic question: Can we provide basic rights – water, nutrition, education, healthcare and a sustainable and peaceful environment – to every child on earth?

March 26, 2009 CATEGORY: News

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