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What I Learned about Public Health from Working with Miracle Foundation

What I Learned about Public Health by Working with Miracle Foundation

By Grace Hatridge, Miracle Foundation Intern

This semester I interned with the Miracle Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works towards “empowering orphaned and vulnerable children to reach their full potential”. This organization is handling issues that can be fixed, issues of education and other social inequalities, all of which stem from poverty. There are several ongoing projects, many of which I have been a part of, that are making improvements in the education systems and improving public health in Indian villages and orphanages. My position this semester was in the Development Team of the foundation where I mainly worked with donor information and fundraising projects. In this position I began to understand the power of individual donations and the extent to which they could impact the lives of orphaned children. A large proportion of the donations the Miracle Foundation receives goes towards continuing the education of children. As Caroline Boudreax, founder of the Miracle Foundation, stated, “education is the secret to breaking through poverty,” which is the main underlying issue seen in these Indian villages..  Poverty is the main source of the public health issues, social inequalities, and gaps in education.The idea is to fix the poverty issue by first repairing the educational inequalities present in these Indian villages.  Every donation given to the Miracle Foundation contributes to the fight of maintaining mental and physical health, reducing inequalities, and improving education for every orphaned child. My position in this foundation over the past few months has shown me the importance of health and education, neither of which I should ever take for granted. 

Grace Hatridge
University of Texas at Austin, Class of 2023
Neuroscience, B.S.A.
Certificate in Social Inequality, Health, and Policy with Bridging Disciplines Program


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