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Foster Care’s Digital Assistant

Foster Care’s Digital Assistant

At Miracle Foundation, we are always looking for ways to reach and love more and more children.

Our vision is clear: A family for every child in our lifetime.

For years, we focused on India and we still do…but our work is always expanding, drawn wherever children need us, no matter where in the world they live. Love has no borders, after all.

One area that is impossible to overlook is right here in the United States. While most all orphanages are long gone in the USA, the US Foster Care System continues to be an unstable environment for far too many children and advocates. The statistics are not good.

  • Up to 60% of foster families drop out in their first year, citing lack of critical support, communication and training.
  • 40% of case managers quit each year and 90% of agencies have trouble retaining staff.
  • Worst of all, the , disrupting everything in their young life from education to a sense of real belonging.

The truth is, Foster Care in the US can be a frustrating, disconnected system for far too many people involved…and Miracle Foundation is working to change that.

What is actually needed?

Before attempting to improve anything, it’s critical to know what the real problem is.

And so Miracle Foundation conducted extensive interviews with stakeholders on all sides of the issue. From case managers to foster families, we heard the same story again and again. Everyone needed time. Everyone felt overworked and burdened by complex reporting demands.

With this clear need in mind, Miracle Foundation developed a revolutionary idea. A phone-based application that is easy to use and intuitive. We call it FosterShare™.

FosterShare™ offers shared calendars, push notifications, AI analysis to red flag problem areas, along with a growing resource library and much more. Reports that used to take hours are now accomplished in just a few minutes! During a three-month beta test at five top agencies across Texas, the results were spectacular.

Noah Old, a child placement specialist in Austin who took part in the pilot program, was impressed.

“FosterShare allows me to do my job better,” Old says. “It makes sure that I’m not focusing my time and energy on the more tedious parts, but that I’m putting that focus on the children in foster care, which is why I really started doing this in the first place. “

Now FosterShare™ is rolling out state-wide. At the moment, 1200 foster families are using the app on a daily basis with more signing up every day. Destiny Bowers isn’t surprised.

“What I love about the FosterShare app is that it’s all in one place,” Bowers says. “And that my daily logging is done in just like a minute. I do mine in line at the grocery store or when I’m waiting to pick my kids up. It’s super quick and it gives me a little more time to just be a parent.”

With the introduction of our FosterShare™ app, we are simplifying reporting and connecting community services to foster families. By linking agencies, experts and education to an easy-to-use app, we are creating greater stability and preventing the traumatic negative impacts on children when they are moved from foster home to foster home.

Click here to learn more or watch the video to hear what foster families and case managers are saying about it.


July 20, 2022 CATEGORY: News
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