About Miracle Foundation

A Family for Every Child in our Lifetime

About Miracle Foundation

Miracle Foundation is an international nonprofit that helps orphans and foster children find a safe, stable, and permanent family. Whether in an orphanage or in the Foster Care System, our vision is a family for every child in our lifetime.

Since 2000, Miracle Foundation has been dedicated to improving the lives of children. In 2022 alone, we supported more than 170,000 children—and this is just the beginning. Today, we are a world leader in ending the need for orphanages and ensuring children grow up in safe, stable families. To achieve this, we are actively uniting children with families, partnering with frontline workers, preventing children from entering the system whenever possible, and stabilizing placements for children until they find a forever family. Learn more about our global and local initiatives.

The UN Rights of the Child
are at the heart of everything we do. We work hand-in-hand with local leaders and families to activate each of these rights so children can reach their full potential.

Our Team Values

We are an international team of committed optimists who believe children deserve to grow up in a safe, stable environment. Our team uses these ‘6 P’s’ as a foundation of our culture and brand personality. Learn more about our team.
  • People
  • Positive
  • Passionate
  • Problem Solver
  • Progress
  • Playful

We are consistently awarded the highest ratings across all charity watchdog organizations, so you can be confident that Miracle Foundation is transparent, accountable, and financially healthy. View our financials.

Miracle Foundation Great Non Profits Rating

How our founder was inspired to start a charity for children

Miracle Foundation was born on Mother’s Day, 2000. Our founder Caroline Boudreaux set off on a trip around the world and found herself at an Indian orphanage in a remote village in Odisha. She was haunted by the conditions of the children living in the orphanage but was captivated by their strength, beauty, and untapped potential.

Miracle Foundation

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