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We are consistently awarded the highest ratings across all charity watchdog organizations, so you can be confident that Miracle Foundation is transparent, accountable and financially healthy.

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of every dollar goes to programs

Your money is invested wisely. All donations to our children’s charity make a genuine difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children,  and we are proud to show the difference your support is making.

We are a 501(c)(3) Certified Organization. see documentation.

2021 Annual Report

Thanks for making 2021 our best year yet.
See the impact you’ve had on children’s lives.
See the 2021 Annual Report

* As of 2021 we changed our fiscal year to April 1 –  March 31.


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Privacy Promise

Privacy is important to us. To better protect the privacy of our families and users, we never sell your personal data and we use network security and encryption technology to protect your data. You can determine how your and your children’s data is collected and used. We only collect the data we need to provide services to you and will only share it with outside parties with your consent

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