All children deserve an education, nutrition, health, and protective services—no matter where they live. We work alongside hundreds of orphanages to reunite children with their families and to provide each child with the quality of care, and dignity, that is their right. To do this, we need monthly support from people like you.

We all have monthly expenses, and so do our children — they need consistent care and support. Your monthly donation will help us know how many children and families we can help today… and into the future.

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Donating stocks or other securities is a powerful way to make miracles for orphaned children, while reducing your taxes. In addition to saving on capital gains, you can deduct your gift’s full market value at the time of transfer (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income) from your income tax.

To donate stock, use these delivery instructions:
Receiving Institution Account Number — 8855-5542
Contact Name — Marty Romell
Name of Receiving Institution — Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
DTC Number — 0164, Code 40

Thank you Alpha Capital Management for managing our stock donations!

Alpha Capital Management

Most brokerage firms have a form you can complete, to assign which specific stock you wish to donate. You can download Charles Schwab’s form here:

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