Miracle Village

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Miracle Village is a dedicated group of child advocates committed to ending the orphan crisis and ensuring that all children are able to thrive.

Contact Alison@MiracleFoundation.org for more information.

At Miracle Foundation our goal is to ensure that every child is cared for, protected, healthy, educated,  and feels a sense of belonging.

The dedicated partners who join our village are committing to support orphaned and vulnerable children over a five-year period. They understand that enabling true change takes sustained commitment.

Why Join Miracle Village

Impact: When you donate to support orphans in India, 86% of every dollar you give goes directly into our programs. You can be certain that your contribution is making a direct difference to truly improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Inspiration: People who join the Village get stories straight from the field. We share with you the real progress we are making and send photos and videos of the children you are helping.

Fun: We celebrate you! You will receive a special gift, invitations to events, insider information,  and have a chance to participate in webinars with our team.

Community: When you join Miracle Village,  you become part of a group of like-minded people committed to supporting orphans to have a better quality of life while bringing about sustainable change that reduces the need for orphanages.

Contact Alison@MiracleFoundation.org for more information.

Miracle Village Founding Members

Shannon and John Abikhaled

Shatam and Madhushree Agarwal

Claire and David Bateman

Daniel Marsilli and Erik Batt

Scotty and Maggie Baudoin

Jennifer and Douglas Boudreaux

Damian Boudreaux

Amy and Chip Brees

Leslie and Robert Beasley

Sona Chawla and Adil Daruwala

Anisbel and Ivan Chorney

Greg Domingue

Bethany Drushel

Caroline Boudreaux and Ed Goble

Sara and David Hamilton

Lara and Darren Henry

Christine Hervas

Raime and Phil Heyneker

Shelly and David Hohmann

Trisa Thompson and Jack Jacobi

Mary Beth and Dan Jester

Fahad Khan

Jessica and Matt Killen

Shivani and Rajeev Kathuria

Pardeep Kohli

Ken Kuznia

Debby Loomis

Chris McCall

Meta Hunt and Trent Miller

Teresa Miller

Tom Monheim

Jody Castano and Dean Neikirk

Joe Palastro

John Messer and Stephen Peck

Sam and Kristen Perkins

Andrea Prejean

Amy and Scott Ray

Alla Reddy

Ravi and Robyn Reddy

Eileen Rizzo

Rene and Marty Romell

Cookie and Steve Saunders

Duane and Lenore Schmitz

Larry and Leigh Shaffer

Toni and Eric Simone

Raka Sandell and Krishna Srinivasan

Piyush and Esha Srivastava

DeeDee and Paul Stone

Naomi and Mark Tate

Holly and Mike Turner

Melinda and Barry Twomey

Catherine Webb

Caren and Paul Wolf

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