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New mobile app aims to reduce foster parent and caseworker turnover.

“CEO of the Miracle Foundation, Leslie Beasley, shares the overall goal of the FosterShare™ app is to make life easier for foster parents and reduce trauma for foster children as they move through the system.”

Austin non-profit launches app aiming to improve foster care system | FOX 7 Austin

“FOX 7 Austin speaks with Leslie Beasley, CEO of the Miracle Foundation, about a new app that hopes to streamline paperwork and improve the foster care system for families.”

FosterShare app: How an app can help foster parents stay connected with children

“Foster parents and case managers are all hard-working, compassionate, resourceful people. But the demands of their jobs are enormous,” adds Leslie Beasley, CEO of the Miracle Foundation.

New app ‘Fostershare’ works to end high foster care turnover rates in Texas

“We did this in order to reduce the impact on the children because they bounce around from family to family to family, and we want to stabilize that,” Leslie Beasley, the CEO of Miracle Foundation said.

Entrepreneur India: Women are Driving Social Entrepreneurship
We may need lion hearts for various odd ventures of the world but for social entrepreneurship, we need the tender mindset of a mother. 7 Women on Their Unconventional Mother Figures 
“Whatever I accomplish or wherever I go in this world, Auntie Caroline will always be a part of my life as a mother figure to me. Through her support she has given me the gifts of a quality education, strength, support and love.” -Kalpana Kindo

Forbes: You Don’t Have To Have A Baby To Be A Mother
We’ve developed a systematic, measurable, scalable way to improve the quality of care being given to parentless children, and we’re focused on expanding to support even more kids in need. Our goal is for every child to have a loving family and until that happens, Mother’s Day won’t have the integrity that it should.

A New Perspective On Collaboration From ‘Finding Nemo’
Learn about the power of collaboration in the nonprofit sector and how creating partnerships can inspire lasting change.

The Hindu Business Line National News: Back to the Warmth of Family 

Read some heart-warming and personal accounts of how Miracle Foundation’s family reunification efforts are impacting children in Kerala.

CSR Journal: Top 5 NPO’s Working in Childcare 
Miracle Foundation is listed as one of the top non profits in India working in the childcare domain.

WUSA9-TV: Road to a Better Community: The Miracle Foundation 
The Miracle Foundation is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to reuniting orphaned children with their families and founder Caroline Boudreaux is passionate about her work. See how Washington D.C.’s Easterns Automotive Group decided to lend a hand and help support this amazing cause.

WJLA-TV (ABC Washington DC): Miracle Foundation is serving institutionalized children around the world 
By serving institutionalized children around the world the Miracle Foundation is taking a stand to find a loving home for every child.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Here’s one good way to honor your mom this Mother’s Day 
For orphans with nowhere else to go, the Miracle Foundation works to ensure that children living in orphanages receive all their rights — food, water, health care, education … and plenty of love.

Huffpost Women: A Mother’s Day Guide of Gifts that Give Back 
I can’t think of any better way to honor your mother by giving back to another mom in return

Chicago Tribune: If you take care of a mom, you take care of a child 
“The ramifications of not having your parents are so vast,” Boudreaux said. “To survive that loss and grief and trauma and then be put in an institution where you don’t eat every day, through no fault of your own, is awful. Your mother is the one who fights for you. If you don’t have that basic thing, this world is just going to eat you up.”

The Statesman: Westlake Mom Works to Help Orphaned Children Find Their Way Home 
Read about the amazing effort Miracle Foundation President, Leslie Beasley, expends night and day to build orphaned and vulnerable children a better future.

USA Today: Let’s keep children in their family, if they can’t be with their mothers .
“We believe in a future where there’s no longer a need for orphanages. And we believe we can get every institutionalized child into a loving family in our lifetime.” -Caroline Boudreaux

Thrive Global: “In One Generation, We Can End the Suffering of Orphans, We Can Find Loving Families for Every One of Them”
Founder Caroline Boudreaux is featured in a revealing Q&A on Thrive Global, Ariana Huffington’s newest media platform focused on well-being.

Rolling Stone: Jay Z, Coldplay to Headline Inaugural Global Citizen Festival in India 
Jay Z, Coldplay and Demi Lovato will perform in India on November 19th for the inaugural Global Citizen Festival in India. The show will feature several Indian artists and Bollywood celebrities in support of the Miracle Foundation. Caroline Boudreaux Quits Her Corporate Job to Help Orphans in India 
We didn’t want to go into one orphanage and make it good. We wanted to develop a franchise methodology that can go into any orphanage.


World Economic Forum: A visit to Myanmar’s schools 
Caroline Boudreaux is the Founder of The Miracle Foundation, a social entrepreneurial venture that revolutionizes the way orphanages are run worldwide, starting in India.

Christian Science Monitor: Caroline Boudreaux is a passionate, effective advocate for India’s orphans
Boudreaux’s immediate goal is to partner with more orphanages and serve more children. She is also hoping to expand beyond India. Her larger goal is to bring the plight of orphans to the world’s attention.


Forbes: A New Perspective On Collaboration From ‘Finding Nemo’ (July 2023)

KPRC 2: A Texas foster mother shows how new FosterShare app helps keep her connected (June 2023) and Video

KXAN: New mobile app aims to reduce foster parent, case worker turnover (June 2023) and Video

Fox 7: Austin non-profit launches app aiming to improve foster care system (June 2023) Video

Canvas Rebel: Meet Leslie Beasley (January 2023)

Spectrum News: Austin-based nonprofit hopes to create more stable environments for foster kids with new app (June 2022) and Video

KVUE: New app aims to transform the foster care system by helping parents and caseworkers (May 2022) and Video

KXAN: New app ‘Fostershare’ works to end high foster care turnover rates in Texas (May 2022) and Video

CBS 19: New app created to revolutionize the foster care system across Texas (May 2022) and Video

K94.5: New Texas App Could Revolutionize Foster Care Across the State (May 2022) Miracle Foundation Wants To Help Every Child Grow Up In A Stable, Loving, and Nurturing Environment (March 2022)

APN News: Role of NGOs in early childhood care and education (Jan 2021)

India Today: How This NGO is Helping Orphaned Underprivileged Kids Continue their Education in COVID 19 Lockdown (Nov 2020)

Legacy Collective: Miracle Foundation, a 2020 Grant Recipient of Legacy Collection (October 2020)

The CSR Journal: 4 NGOS in India educating kids online during COVID-19 (July 2020)

The CSR Journal: Top 5 NGOs for underprivileged families & children during COVID-19 (June 2020)

BW Disrupt: Women Entrepreneurs Working In The Time Of Pandemic To Help Underserved (June 2020)

India TV: Here’s how NGOs are doing their bit in fight against coronavirus (June 2020)

NDTV: Delhi Based NGO Ensures Children’s Right To Nutrition During Coronavirus Lockdown (June 2020)

News 18 India: Orphans, Child Laborers ‘Invisible and Uncounted’: Collateral Victims of Covid-19 Crisis (May 2020)

IANS Life: Parents and Caregivers to Support Children and Build Psychological Resilience (May 2020)

The Hans India: Miracle Foundation Resolving Education Disruption in Remote Areas (May 2020)

The CSR Journal: Mother’s Day 2020:Best Ways to Celebrate in Lockdown (May 2020)

CSR Mandate: NGOs Ensuring Health and Hygiene of Underprivileged Communities During the Pandemic (April 2020)

Austin American Statesman: Charities Benefit from Westlake CEO’s Program (April 2020)
Miracle Foundation is the honored recipient of Z-5’s new 50 for 50 charitable program.

Business Standard: NGO’s Playing Crucial Role in Providing Food, Sanitation, Shelter for Needy (April 2020)

The Statesman (India): Miracle Foundation India to Ensure Food for Children During Lockdown (April 2020)

New Indian Express: Great Care for Children During Coronavirus Lockdown by Miracle Foundation India (April 2020)

India’s Front-Running Women-Led Ventures Addressing Social Issues (Jan 2020)
Caroline Boudreaux listed as one of the top enterprising individuals who has contributed to the social and economic growth of India.

Celebrate with a cause: In recognition of 30 year anniversary of the Rights of Child by UN (Nov 2019)
Miracle Foundation encourages people to uphold children’s rights and help create a safe and loving environment for every child by strengthening family care.

The Pioneer: World Mental Health Day (October 2019)
In light of this year’s theme, ‘Suicide Prevention’, Miracle Foundation’s campaign was aimed at cultivating the social and emotional development of the children under their care.

CSR Mandate: Dreams Do Come True: Miracle Foundation Provides New Lease on Life for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. (September 2019)
A thoughtful and thorough interview which details the rewarding work we do for these children.

The Hindu Business Line National News: Back to the Warmth of Family (July 2019)
Read some heart-warming and personal accounts of how Miracle Foundation’s family reunification efforts are impacting children in Kerala.

Hill Country News: A Climb for Charity (April 2019)
David Lesniak and his team hiked more than eight hours in order to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa at 19,341 ft. Along the way, they raised $20,000 for Miracle Foundation.

The Statesman: Westlake Mom Works to Help Orphaned Children Find Their Way Home (March 2019)
Read about the amazing effort Miracle Foundation President, Leslie Beasley, expends night and day to build orphaned and vulnerable children a better future.

The Statesman: Long-term Impacts of Institutional Care on Children (March 2019)
Miracle Foundation India Country Head, Nivedita Das Gupta, explains how the very foundation of institutional care is to provide care and education to abandoned and orphaned children, but the standard of such facilities varies between being the optimum level of care to being highly inadequate.

Dividends Magazine (Mississippi State University): Open Heart, Open Arms (December 2018)
Leslie Beasley serves as President of Miracle Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on children living in orphanages around the world and aims to end institutional care of children by 2040.

KTXA-TV (CBS Dallas/Fort Worth): “Home for the Holidays” (December 2018)
Today there are 8 million children living in orphanages around the world. Miracle Foundation is working to give each of these children a “Home For The Holidays.”

Deccan Chronicle: A Voice for the Little Ones (August 2018)
“We’re categorised as one of the most impactful non-profits as we have a proven methodology that works. We show donors that their investments are going into the minds, mouths and stomachs of the children we serve, and our earnest work has paid off.” -Caroline Boudreaux

KTVU-TV (Fox San Francisco): Bay Area woman travels to India to support orphaned children in the developing country (May 2018)
“My dream is to go (to India) one day and say, these are where our orphanages used to be, but we’re out of business now because we’ve solved the problem.” -Raime Heyneker

WJLA-TV (ABC Washington DC): Miracle Foundation is serving institutionalized children around the world (May 2018)
By serving institutionalized children around the world the Miracle Foundation is taking a stand to find a loving home for every child.

KIAH-TV (CW Houston): This Mother’s Day, honor your mom by helping motherless orphans (May 2018)
Miracle Foundation invites people to participate in its Mother’s Day campaign by making a tax-deductible donation in honor of their mom (or other mother figure in their lives).

Goalcast: This Woman Ditched a High-Powered Job to Help Save Thousands of Orphans (April 2018)
Miracle Foundation works to enrich the lives of vulnerable children in India, Africa, Sri Lanka and Mexico, as well as children in the U.S. foster care system. These children can grow and live in safe, happy and healthy environments, where their needs for attention, affection and education are met.

Maria Shriver: Architects of Change—Finding your true purpose (February 2018)
#ArchitectsOfChangeLIVE conversation with Caroline Boudreaux discussing her important work as founder of the Miracle Foundation. She changed her life completely after recognizing her true purpose.

Austin American-Statesman: Austinite hopes to help Miracle Foundation help more kids (July 2017)
The Miracle Foundation creates centers of excellence among orphanages to serve as models. Elizabeth Davis says the Miracle Foundation is moving into helping other groups run orphanages.

Maria Shriver: Caroline Boudreaux Is On a Mission to Find Every Child a Loving Home (May 2017)
“Eight percent of the world’s youth don’t have parents,” Caroline said. “We’re trying to find a loving family for every child in the world so that they can grow up getting what they need to thrive. That’s the ultimate goal for every child, and it’s the collective goal of everyone working in this space is to do that by 2050.”

Women To Watch: Caroline Boudreaux, Miracle Foundation (May 2017)
What’s different about Caroline is that she left a successful career in TV Advertising to take on the cause of finding families for every orphan by 2050.

KSAT-TV (ABC San Antonio): Organization that brings life-changing care to orphans encourages others to help (May 2017)
Honoring your mother by helping children who don’t have one. That’s the goal of the Miracle Foundation for this upcoming Mother’s Day.

Forbes: You Don’t Have To Have A Baby To Be A Mother (March 2017)
Our goal is for every single child to have a loving family and, until that happens, Mother’s Day isn’t going to have the integrity it should.

MOVE PEOPLE Podcast: MOVE PEOPLE to Family (March 2017)
Caroline Boudreaux thought she had everything until she met a child who had nothing…now she helps orphans around the world.

Catholic Bytes Podcast: Empowering Orphans (February 2017)
“Through lots of trial and error, we figured out that the best way to help people is to teach them how to help themselves.” —Founder Caroline Boudreaux

Inside Philanthropy: So You Want to Help Kids in Orphanages in India. How Do You Raise the Money? (November 2016)
“It’s all about relationships. It’s all about people. Because I have relationships, people trust me with their money… Donors ask how much money is going into the program; for us, it is 85 percent.” —Founder Caroline Boudreaux

KVUE-TV (ABC Austin): World Orphans Day: Children who need your help (November 2016)
Every helping hand can help change the lives of these vulnerable children.

India New England News: Miracle Foundation Partners With Global Citizen Festival to Raise Funds for India’s Orphaned Children (November 2016)
Ms. Caroline Boudreaux, Founder of Miracle Foundation, said: “We are excited about this partnership and would like to thank Global Citizen India for their amazing support. Together we look forward to making a huge impact for some of the most vulnerable children in our society today. We know how to break the cycle of poverty and are looking for people who are interested in joining us on this journey.”

BE Magazine: Profiles of Changemakers: Caroline Boudreaux, Founder, The Miracle Foundation (September 2016)
The Miracle Foundation provides funding to fill in the gaps, train staff members and, using standards inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, actively work with the orphanages to make improvements.

KVUE-TV (ABC Austin): Miracle Foundation helps children without fathers on Father’s Day (June 2016)
We’re trying to take care of the whole child. They don’t have moms and dads that identify with them. So that’s what we have to provide for them.

KXAN-TV (NBC Austin): Austin-based foundation gives the opportunity for a unique Father’s Day gift (June 2016)
Participating in our campaign will engage both of you in the lives of less fortunate children in the developing world. What better way to pay tribute to your father than by donating to those who don’t have one?

KDAF-TV (CW Dallas): Texas Group Celebrates Father’s Day by Donating to Orphans in India (June 2016)
Love and affection is the secret sauce. It’s what motivates them, it’s what gives them confidence, it’s what gives them a sense of belonging.

Headlines for the Hopeful: Here’s How 22 Orphanages in India Celebrate Mother’s Day (May 2016)
Because the children don’t have biological mothers of their own, the day is spent strengthening the bonds and relationships these children have with the women who nurture them every day.

The Indian Eye: A Unique Gift To Honor Moms this Mother’s Day (May 2016)
Each of Miracle’s housemothers acts as a mom to the 20 orphaned children in her care, creating an environment where they can truly thrive. These incredible women raise the boys and girls the charity supports into smart, strong, compassionate and self-sustaining men and women.

USA Today: Woman helps thousands of orphans after chance encounter (April 2016)
Boudreaux’s moment with Das was the catalyst that caused her to create The Miracle Foundation, an NGO that provides funding for food, clean water, and other resources for rural orphanages. It provides educational opportunities for children, and trains women to better support kids in the children’s homes. In 16 years, the organization has helped more than 1,700 orphans while supporting 16 orphanages across India.

The Indian Eye: Texas Woman Founds Charity to Help Indian Orphans Thrive (April 2016)
Orphanages that partner with Miracle are provided with paired funding and capacity-building trainings to provide a better quality of care for their children. They receive various kinds of help to bring their operations up to a high standard – from housemother training to computers loaded with accounting software.

Indian Express: Texas Woman Founds Charity (March 2016)
To date, Miracle Foundation has given 2,000 orphans in 22 orphanages a childhood that would have otherwise been impossible. What’s more, the children grow up in a happy, healthy, loving environment and can look forward to a future that includes vocational training or even a college education.

The Herald Bulletin: Miracle Foundation works wonders for Indian orphans (November 2015)
The Miracle Foundation has embraced the goals set by 189 nations through the United Nations to eradicate poverty and hunger, provide educational opportunities, promote gender equality, lower child mortality and promote maternal health.

Country Woman Magazine: Reach out with puppets (January 2015)
Puppets are great teaching tools for children. They help kids learn problem solving, how to communicate their feelings and basic skills for making friends. –Caroline Boudreaux

Country Woman Magazine: Reach out with puppets (September 2015)
Country Woman Magazine readers sent 5,433 finger puppets to the Miracle Foundation in response to the partnership with Craft Hope in the February/March issue.

USA Today: Coalition tries to rescue world’s orphans (June 2013)
Since 2000, Miracle Foundation has provided children in India with food, health care and a college-prep education.

CultureMap Austin: Keep a Child Warm for the Holidays with The Miracle Foundation (2011)
For more than ten years, The Miracle Foundation has been providing Indian children who are orphaned, on the street or without parents who can care for them with a loving home, nutritious food, quality education, medical care and that most important of things: love.

Austin American-Statesman: Change Began on Austinite’s Trip to Indian Orphanage (2010)
Boudreaux couldn’t stop thinking about Sheebani and the other Orissa orphans: “I was going to do something if it was the last thing I ever did. If I didn’t help them, nobody would.”

The Daily Texan: Foundation Transforms Lives (2010)
It took me about four years after meeting the orphans to figure out that it wasn’t adoptions that we wanted to do, it was taking care of children in an excellent way that launches them out of the cycle of poverty. –Caroline Boudreaux
always go with the intention of helping others, but you come back realizing how much they’ve really helped you and touched your life. –Ashley Haustein

OmTimes: Compassion in Action (2010)
It was incomprehensible to Boudreaux that children were living this way. She knew she had to do something to help and that she had to act soon.

Brilliant: Destiny’s Child (2009)
I was struck by how little these orphans had externally, but how much spirit and radiance they had inside. They were truly a joy to be around.

India Abroad: Teardrops on the Cheek of Time (2009)
If not me, who? If not now, when?

American Way: Being There (2008)
When American Airlines flight attendant Linda Feeney met Caroline Boudreaux on a flight from Delhi, India, to Chicago in 2006, she had no idea how much it would affect her life.

Austin Woman: The Miracle Foundation — All Signs Point to the Children (2008)
It was in that moment Boudreaux realized she had no choice but to find a way to do something to affect change in the lives of these lonely children.

Austin Business Journal: Miracle Foundation Raises $240,000 in Record Time (2007)
We are fortunate to live in a city full of socially-­responsible, global citizens who step up to the plate… –Caroline Boudreaux

A Magazine: Philanthropy—The Business of Giving (2007)
There are needs everywhere. When you give abroad, if used wisely, it can save lives versus bettering them. It’s money well-spent.

The Times of India: Opening up a Window to the Wide World (2006)
Computers are a window to the world and they would help these children in a big way. Software to help children learn subjects such as English and mathematics have been installed. –Caroline Boudreaux

Westlake Picayune: Finding a Miracle (2004)
I am the proud owner of everything money can’t buy. I have peace, I have joy. I am fulfilled. –Caroline Boudreaux

Tribeza: Caroline Boudreaux and The Miracle Foundation (2003)
I had never thought about orphans before, much less held them. They had nothing. And then I met Sheebani Das. When I had to put her to sleep on those wooden slats they called a bed, I broke down and knew I had to do something. She truly changed my life. –Caroline Boudreaux

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