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Every child has the right to a safe, stable, and permanent home. And yet millions of children remain in orphanages, are removed from their birth family, or are moved too often between foster homes. It’s time to change this. Here’s how we’re doing it.

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There are currently 5.4 million children living in orphanages worldwide.

80% of children in institutions have a family member they could live with if given support.

Here’s how we’re changing that.

Prevent Children From Entering the System

The orphan crisis will never end until we stop it at the source. This means: Identifying vulnerable families long before the idea of child placement is necessary. Here’s how we do it.
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Unite Children with Families

It’s time to move from orphanages to families, and we have a proven field-tested method to make sure this is done safely. Help us bring them home.
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THRIVE SCALE™ Measures Progress

Developed over the past two decades, this one-of-a-kind tool takes the guesswork out of caring for children, especially during the critical period after a child leaves an orphanage and returns to a family environment. 

Meet Priya | Case Study

Priya and her sister lived at an orphanage for seven long years until we asked the question, “is there someone you would feel safe living with?”

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391,000 children currently live in the US Foster Care System.

Children in foster care are moved an average of 7 times once they are removed from their family.

Here’s how we’re changing that.

Stabilize Placements For Children Until They Have a Forever Home

In countries like the United States, where Foster Care is the institutional solution, we provide tools and access to resources that help stabilize children from moving from house to house.
Our Local Work

Prevent Children From Entering the System

We prevent children from entering the system whenever possible. Prevention is equally crucial in foster care, and separation should always be a last resort. Our work always strives to lift up families and keep them together.
How we Work

A Digital Assistant For The Foster Care System

See how Miracle Foundation is transforming the way foster families and case managers communicate. Our breakthrough new app is rolling out across Texas and changing lives.

No one knows how to fix a problem like the person who has the problem.

Young people who grew up in the system have so much to teach us and we’re listening.

We are investing in their ideas and futures.

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