A Family for Every Child in Our Lifetime

Children Belong In Families

Every child has the right to a safe, stable, and permanent home. And yet millions of children remain in orphanages, are removed from their birth family, or are moved too often between foster homes. It’s time to change this. Here’s how we’re doing it.


Eliminating the Need
for Orphanages Globally

Miracle Foundation is part of a movement to reunite orphaned children with their families. With partners all over the world, we believe we can end the need for orphanages in our lifetime.

Ensuring Children Grow Up
in a Safe, Stable Family

Miracle Foundation is working tirelessly to help stabilize children in families within the foster system and also working to prevent at-risk children from ever entering the system in the first place.

Children Directly Supported

Social Workforce Trained

Families Directly Supported


We Prevent Child Separation

The orphan crisis will never end until we stop it at the source. This means: Identifying vulnerable families long before the idea of child placement is necessary. Here’s how we do it.
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We Reunite Children with Their Families

We transition children from institutions to families by giving them the proper support to stay together. We always choose biological families and kinship care to institutions whenever possible through support to government bodies and institutions.
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We Stabilize Families

We reduce the number of placements for children in foster or institutionalized care by providing tools and resources to stabilize children, assessing their well-being across five domains, and connecting them to the most needed resources.
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ThriveWell Helps Children Thrive in Families

ThriveWell is designed to connect social workers, case managers, and families like never before. It streamlines communication and assesses families, connecting them to the resources they need in real-time.


Meet Priya | Case Study

Priya and her sister lived at an orphanage for seven long years until we asked, ” Is there someone you would feel safe living with?”

Read Priya’s Story

Meet Destiny | Case Study

Destiny and her husband were overwhelmed with paperwork when they started fostering Violet, but now that they use ThriveWell, they can focus more on loving their children and less on administrative tasks.

Read Destiny’s Story

Thrive Scale™ – Our methodology that ensures children are safe and permanently in a family.

Social workers, caregivers, and government officials make decisions that impact millions of children. At Miracle Foundation, we provide a highly specialized model and training for these on-the-ground workers in the childcare ecosystem. A digitized version of the methodology is now available as a part of the ThriveWell app. The Thrive Scale focuses on five well-being domains: Education, Physical & Mental Health, Family & Social Relationships, Home Finances, and Living Conditions.

76% Increase in Thrive Scale TM scores with Children We Support
Miracle Foundation

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