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Destiny’s Story

Destiny and her husband live in Leander, Texas, and they are all about family.

With two young boys of their own, Destiny is a stay-at-home mom with a heart—as she says—to “love on kids.”

Foster care was an idea they had considered for years, but not until their boys were older. ”We thought we’d wait until the kids were in their teens so they could help, but that’s not what we ended up doing.”

They started with respite care, providing short-term breaks for foster parents, sometimes for a weekend or as long as a week. “I always fell in love with the children,” Destiny says. “After every child would leave, I’d ask my husband, “Can we sign the full foster parent papers now?”

Moved to act, they could not resist the pull of these children. Then, the very day they were cleared to be foster parents, they were told they had a placement. “So, we went straight to the hospital where she was, and we met Violet for the first time. Truly, I was head over heels right away. It was a wonderful experience I would never change for anything.”

The boys are now eight and five and Violet is 8 months old. With a house full of activity, Destiny is a fully committed, extremely busy foster mom who is always looking for ways to save time. Which is why she started using Miracle Foundation’s FosterShare™ app.

“I have daily logs, weekly logs and medical logs to fill out,” she says. “But with FosterShare™, you can fill them out in the car while you’re waiting to pick up your kids, or in the grocery store while you’re waiting in line. It’s very convenient, and it allows me to be much more present.

FosterShare™ was designed for moms like Destiny, allowing them to “love on” more kids with less work. “I want to be there for all of my kids as much as possible,” Destiny says, “and not waste a single second filling out paperwork. This app helps me do that.”

January 23, 2023 CATEGORY: News
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