A Proven Method that is Transparent,
Measurable and Repeatable

The Miracle Foundation helps turn orphanages into functioning, loving homes where orphan children can thrive.  Drawing on knowledge gained from over ten years of working with orphanages, we have codified measurement standards based on the 12 Rights of a Child. With this framework in place, we are able to identify and evaluate orphanages that share our philosophy, but struggle to properly care for the children they support due to insufficient resources. Our systematic approach helps us meticulously measure each of our orphanages on their success toward implementing each and every one of these children’s 12 basic rights.

A Systematic Measurement of Success

These charts measure progress of the Anbarasi orphanage over time in upholding the 12 basic rights of the orphans in their care.

Helping Orphans in India: Our Impact

In 2015, we fed, nurtured and educated almost 1,000 orphans, supported 16 orphanages in India and funded numerous college scholarships. We also continued our partnerships with Safe Water Network India, St. Stephen’s Hospital and Katha, bringing clean water, quality healthcare and tutors to each of our homes.

As part of our global mission, we acted as a voice to promote and advocate for orphans around the world. With platforms such as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and UNICEF, we actively recommend that orphans be considered as equal citizens and become a part of the government and society. We work to develop tools to help orphanages to understand and meet global standards.

Because our model is based on best practices, measurable standards and training curriculum for caregivers, it is fully replicable and can be used in any part of the world.