Our Approach

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Frederick Douglass (1818–95); American social reformer, writer
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Our proven method turns orphanages into loving homes where children THRIVE!

The Miracle Foundation helps turn orphanages into functioning, loving homes where orphan children can thrive and transform the story of their lives. We help people help themselves. The Miracle Foundation’s method for doing this is proven, transparent and repeatable. Drawing on knowledge gained from over ten years of working with orphanages, our phased approach enables us to identify and evaluate orphanages that share our philosophy and are striving to properly care for the children they support, but are unable to meet these standards due to insufficient resources. Inspired by the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we created The Miracle Foundation Rights of the Child, focusing specifically on the rights of orphaned children. These rights are at the heart of everything we do. Every single child on earth is born with rights, and our job is to ensure that the children we serve have the opportunity to realize them. With that in mind, we used The Miracle Foundation Rights of the Child as the foundation for the guidelines and standards of care we are providing to orphaned children through The Miracle Foundation’s method. The Miracle Foundation exists to ensure orphaned children realize:

The Right to Live with their Parents or Relatives, if Possible.

Every child lives in a family — either with their parents or in an attachment-based, family-style environment — and experiences a sense of belonging.


The Right to a Stable, Loving, and Nurturing Environment

Every child is provided the opportunity for attachment through a stable, loving, and nurturing family environment.


The Right to Healthcare and Nutrition

Every child is provided nutritious, delicious food at every meal; receives regular, high-quality medical attention; and is taught good health and hygiene habits.


The Right to Clean Water and Electrical Power

Every child receives consistent access to clean water and electrical power.


The Right to a Quality Education

Every child receives a quality education, supplemental enrichment programs, and access to higher education and/or vocational training as appropriate to their abilities and interests.


The Right to Equal Opportunities

Every child receives the same opportunities regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, origin, economic status, religion, creed, and/or handicapping condition.


The Right to Guidance

Every child is actively supported and counseled by caring adults who are invested in the child’s success.


The Right to be Heard and Participate

Every child is encouraged to develop their own independent thoughts and to express their views freely in all matters affecting them.


The Right to be Prepared for Active and Responsible Citizenship

Every child is taught responsibility, a sense of community, and the importance of service.


The Right to be Protected from Abuse and Neglect

Every child receives effective protection from harmful influences, abuse (both physical & mental), neglect, corporal punishment, and all forms of exploitation. Additionally, every child is provided opportunities to register their complaints to an identifiable third party.


The Right to Dignity and Freedom

Every child lives in an environment that fosters a sense of dignity and freedom. This includes living in clean and safe conditions, having sufficient and essential personal belongings, being entitled to their privacy, and always being treated with respect.


The Right to Spiritual Development

Every child is provided opportunities to develop a religious affiliation that promotes spirituality and moral development.


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