Impossible is just an opinion.

-Paulo Coehlo

We know the very best thing for a child is to be part of a loving family—it’s where they thrive. That’s why everything we do is designed to accomplish just that.

Our goal is a loving family and the end of institutionalized care for every child. Period. We believe that, together, we can change the way we care for children and help to get them into stable, loving, nurturing environments. We believe in them, in you and in Miracles. We believe in a world that listens closely to children and gives them a voice.

Miracle Foundation is an Austin, TX-based international non-profit that brings life-changing care to orphaned and vulnerable children. And that’s just the beginning. By 2040, we fully intend to be out of business. Why? Because we know that together we can achieve miracles. We can transition every institutionalized child into a loving family in our lifetime.

These children deserve the very best. A way out of their past of abandonment and a way forward into their bright future. We believe in partnerships, and with generous gifts from people like you, we can make their dream of living with a family a reality. Sound impossible? Thankfully, that’s just an opinion.

How We Began

Miracle Foundation began on Mother’s Day in 2000, when Caroline Boudreaux set off on a trip around the world and found herself at an orphanage in a remote village of India. She was shocked by the conditions in which the children lived, but captivated by their strength, beauty and incredible, untapped potential.

Read Caroline’s Story.

Why We’re Different
Be a Global Parent

  • Photo by Lynne Dobson
  • Photo by Lynne Dobson
  • Photo by Lynne Dobson
Take a Stand
for Orphaned Children

Become a Global Parent and help us find a loving family for every orphaned child. Will you join us?

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