Until Every Child Has a Family

Our method turns “What Ifs” into “Why Nots.” Our purpose: A safe, loving family for every child. We do this by putting systems in place to monitor and ensure children are where they should be. When given a proper place to call home, all children feel an innate sense of love and belonging.

  • 85% of children living in orphanages have a living relative. For these children, we make every effort to reunite them with their family if possible. That means we work with local communities on family-strengthening programs so that single mothers and families living in poverty have the resources they need to keep their children.
  • For abandoned children without family, we actively explore a solution by advocating for each and every child to become part of a loving and stable adoptive family. We also help existing orphanages transition into organizations that serve the children, communities and families. Our measurable, systematic method ensures that children are where they belong, loved, educated, healthy — and in a safe home.
  • And we collaborate with governments, other non-profits and local family-strengthening organizations to transform systems and give children a voice. Because we know that even the greatest challenges can be solved when well-meaning people work together.

When you donate, you become the hero and make all of this possible. Because when you bring together the “haves” and the “have-nots,” miracles happen.

Help get children into loving families.