Results and Innovation

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A Child First Approach that is Transparent,
Measurable and Makes a Real Difference

The Miracle Foundation stands for children. We support their transition out of orphanages and into family care. While they are in transition, we guarantee that they receive:

  • A quality education
  • A safe and loving environment
  • Personalized care so they are healthy and “known”

Drawing on knowledge gained from over 15 years of empowering orphaned children, we have developed and honed the ability to measure and activate the Rights of the Child, which results in children reaching their full potential.

A Systematic Measurement of Success

Our Thrive Scale illustrates how well a care setting activates the Rights of the Child over time

Exponential Impact: Our Results

Together with our donors, we have:

  • Empowered over 3,000 of the world’s most vulnerable children to thrive through our proven method
  • Supported an additional 1,200 children through our Centers for Excellence
  • Enrolled 100% of our children in school (compared to 55% of Indian children)
  • Graduated 98% of our children from secondary school (compared to 52% of Indian children)
  • Developed the Child First Digital Toolkit, making our proven method available to anyone caring for or supporting vulnerable children around the world
  • Partnered with organizations such as the World Economic Forum to support our strategic initiatives and reach more vulnerable children every day

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