Our Future is Better Because Their Future is Better

Our impact starts with the children. After all, they’re the reason we do what we do. Ensuring every child is educated and feels a sense of belonging is really what our work is all about. Because we collaborate with other non-profits and governments, children from all over the world are being educated, loved, cared for, heard and reunited with their families. All of the things every child wants.

Our donors are also deeply impacted. When the “haves” of the world help the “have-nots,” everyone benefits. We empower our donors to act as true heroes, knowing their money helps transform the lives of children stuck in the bleakest of circumstances. They’re not only making a difference, they’re actually doing their part to change the world.

For Miracle Foundation, our future is better because their future is better.

Building capacity on the ground affects real change
Global Impact: Our Results

Together with our donors, we have:

  • Empowered more than 7,500 orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka and the United States
  • Trained hundreds of orphanages in family-based care
  • Reunited 25% of children with their families
  • Enrolled 100% of our children in school
  • Sent hundreds of students to college
  • Developed the “Child First” Digital Toolkit, making our proven method available to anyone caring for or supporting vulnerable children around the world
  • Partnered with governments and organizations such as the World Economic Forum to support our strategic initiatives and reach more vulnerable children every day

Every good non-profit organization should be working to put themselves out of business. And that’s what Miracle Foundation is going to do, by 2040.

With your help, we can make our goal a reality: A loving family and personalized care for 8.5 million children in our lifetime.

Help put us out of business.