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Best Software For Non Profits

As a non-profit organization, your focus is to impact the world positively, and your limited resources are best spent on achieving your mission. Effective use of software can help you manage your operations more efficiently, track your impact more accurately, and communicate with your supporters more effectively. Here are seven must-try pieces of software (that all have a discount for non-profit organizations). 

  1. Google WorkspaceEmail Management & Documents
    • Email is one of the essential parts of running any organization. Google is the gold standard for email service providers, and you could be eligible for a free Google Workspace instance. Not to mention their amazing docs, slides, and sheets! 
  2. CanvaThe World Easiest Design Tool
    • An easy-to-use design tool that can be managed in-house saves some serious dollars. This user-friendly software is easy to figure out and can be used for many tasks.  
  3. ZoomVirtual Meetings
    • In the age of hybrid and remote working environments, having a meeting platform you can depend on is critical. Zoom is widely used, easy to figure out, and affordable with non-profit pricing.
  4. GrammarlyWriting & Editing
    • Having your entire staff write in the same voice is essential. Whether sending an email, making a social media post, or writing a website copy, you should be confident in how your team writes. Grammarly is an invaluable tool to level the writing playing field. 
  5. AsanaProject Management
    • Still managing projects with a spreadsheet? Apply for the generous non-profit discount with Asana to start managing your tasks and projects like a pro. 
  6. SlackCommunication Platform
    • Texts, WhatsApp chains, emails, and calls can fragment information for your team. Use a communication platform like Slack to keep your chats in one place.
  7. Mail ChimpEmail Marketing
    • You have spent time gathering an email list, nurturing relationships, and tailoring your communication. Use Mail Chimp to drag and drop your content, all while keeping your brand aesthetic.
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