Set Up A Facebook Fundraiser

7 Steps to Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Interested in setting up a Fundraiser for Miracle Foundation?



If that doesn’t work, follow the steps below.

Step 1:

From a desktop, visit the Facebook Fundraiser Page and click on the green Raise Money button.

Step 2:

When asked Who are you raising money for? Select Nonprofit.

Step 3:

Select Miracle Foundation by searching for the name in the search bar and selecting it from the list.

Step 4:

Under Who is organizing the Fundraiser? you will see your personal Profile, along with any other Pages you admin that can create Fundraisers. Select the Page you want to create the Fundraiser from.

Step 5:

Add a fundraising goal, currency and deadline, then click Next.

Step 6:

Fill in the title and description of your Fundraiser, and hit Next.

Step 7:

Finally, pick a cover photo, hit Create. Your Fundraiser will be live to the public!



Instructions provided by Meta/Facebook

Miracle Foundation

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