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Gabriel’s Story

Gabriel is seven years old.

He’s at an age when stability is critical to his development. But sadly, Gabriel’s life is anything but stable.

After he was removed from a dangerous home, he entered the US Foster Care System, only to find more instability waiting for him.

His first placement family didn’t last long. After only two months, his foster parents dropped out, feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork demands and complex reporting. His second placement ended the same way, with foster parents unprepared and overburdened by the state-mandated requirements.

This is not uncommon. According to statistics, up to 60% of US Foster Parents drop out in the first year citing a lack of critical support, communication, and training.

After his third move in six months, Gabriel was starting to feel that no one wanted him, that maybe he was the problem.

But luckily, new dad William and his wife Danielle started using FosterShare, a revolutionary new app from Miracle Foundation. FosterShare™ takes the paperwork and tedium out of daily reporting, streamlines communication, and saves time.

“The app took away almost all of our reporting hassle,” William says. “Just a few clicks per day and Gabriel’s behavior logs are done. Medical logs…same thing. Notifications come through the app. Reminders help us stay on track. For the first time since Gabriel arrived, we feel like we can do this. I feel like I’m finally free to be a dad.”

Statistically, children in the US Foster Care System move an average of 7 times. But FosterShare™ is working hard to help Gabriel—and thousands of children like him—settle into the kind of stable home where a child can finally thrive.

January 31, 2023 CATEGORY: News
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