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Prashanth’s Story

What if you had to give up your son to save his life? 

That is the question Prashanth’s father had to answer. Three years before Miracle Foundation intervened, as his family struggled with extreme financial challenges, his father decided to place his only son in a local orphanage. 

It wasn’t abandonment; it was love. The orphanage represented safety: three meals a day, good schooling, the hope of a brighter future. It was heartbreaking for Prashanth’s grandmother, but extreme poverty often requires painful, impossible decisions. 

Luckily, Miracle Foundation and local government officials partnered with Prashanth’s orphanage to see which children could be safely reunified with their families.  

Prashanth clearly wanted to go home, so our social workers investigated, analyzing all aspects of Prashanth’s home life and looking for areas in need of improvement. 

Our Thrive Scale™ is critical for this assessment, focusing on 5 well-being domains and allowing for progress to be tracked over time in an easy-to-read graph. From Education to Finances, Health Care and Mental Health, Living Conditions, and Family/Social Relationships, an action plan was developed and put in motion.

For Prashanth and his family, the largest obstacle was still poverty, and so a relatively small investment was made by Miracle Foundation to help Prashanth’s father scale his filter-making business. With guidance and observation over six months, revenue increased, and the home was stabilized. 

Access to education was also addressed, requiring an additional commitment to help Prashanth enroll and take a bus to a quality school, allowing him to continue the pursuit of his engineering dreams. 

Today, Prashanth is home and the family is back together. Gramma cries with joy and Dad beams with pride. You don’t need our Thrive Scale™ or a government official to see that this is one family that belongs together.  

January 26, 2023 CATEGORY: News
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