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Right To Be Prepared For Active & Responsible Citizenship

Dear All,

This month we introduce to you a child’s right to be prepared for active and responsible citizenship. By this right, we ensure that every child is taught responsibility, a sense of community, and the importance of service. The nurturing environment that we have built for them with the help of the house-mothers, social worker and other care-giving staff has inculcated in them the values of a responsible citizen. These children are respectful towards the feelings and rights of their fellow mates, they show concern about the well-being of those around them and are well informed. They are growing up with confidence and are not shy to voice their opinion.

They have been entitled to rights but at the same time they know that they have to use them with great responsibility. We encourage our kids to be active, informed and be someone who goes out to seek knowledge and discover knowledge.  Rest assured, these kids are certain to use their values towards making a better community.

At the Miracle Foundation, we believe that active and responsible citizenship begins at the children’s home itself. The kids learn how to get along with others, and extend help to peers as members of a community. Often I have seen, older kids at the home going out of the way and taking care of the younger lot’s needs. In return, the younger ones make sure that they express gratitude to their older brothers and sisters. From a very young age, these kids learn to grow in a community and are extremely respectful towards the norms and ethics of living together. The life skills education skills that we impart to them also contributes to their understanding of things in a broader picture. Children analyse difficult situations and solve them in a way that benefits everyone.

We want our associate partners to meet the following requirements to ensure that the kids realize the RIGHT TO BE PREPARED FOR ACTIVE AND RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP to the optimum-

  • The NGO provides children with programs that promote citizenship.
  • Newspapers and leisure reading books are available and accessible to all children.
  • Educational activities and/or discussion take place using newspapers on a weekly basis.
  • A TV is accessible and available to children to be viewed for recreational purposes.
  • National and local holidays are observed.
  • The NGO provides children with opportunities to develop responsibility towards the community.
  • All children are given citizen cards that are issued by the government.
  • Age appropriate chores are assigned to children. Children regardless of gender are given an equal amount of chores that need to be completed around the home. Children are supported by the staff to perform these duties.

I must take this opportunity to applaud the care-giving staff and social workers who have done an amazing job of incorporating valuable ideals so perfectly into the daily curriculum that the kids learn in every waking moment of their lives.

A big heartfelt thank you to our well-wishers and sponsors who have always supported us in giving these kids the best in life.

Much gratitude,


Snigdha Raha

Sponsorship & Communication Co-ordinator,

Miracle Foundation India

Miracle Foundation

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