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Suggested captions:

  • If you haven’t already, you should check out Miracle Foundation. They are an organization that makes its goal of a family for every child in our lifetime a reality. Through their work in India and now here in the US. (Tag us @TheMiracleFoundation)
  • Have you heard of Miracle Foundation? They are now doing work here in the US. They have developed an app to help ease the burden on foster families and case workers. This will help reduce caseworker turnover and keep children from bouncing from home to home. To learn more about their work (link web page) (Tag us @TheMiracleFoundation)
  • Have you heard of Miracle Foundation? They are an organization that is working on reuniting families in India. Their goal is a family for every child in our lifetime. I Highly recommend checking them out. (Tag us @TheMiracleFoundation)
  • Miracle Foundation is an organization reuniting families in India and is now using technology to help reform the foster system. Please go check them out! (Tag us @TheMiracleFoundation)

On desktop, right click “Save image as…” or on mobile, press & hold until a prompt pops up and save the image to your camera roll.

Use stickers such as polls, questions, countdowns, etc. to generate more engagement and views.

Remember to tag @themiraclefoundation in your stories!

Miracle Foundation

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