A family for every child in our lifetime

Children Belong in Families

We all know this. Every child has the right to a safe, stable and permanent home.
And yet millions of children remain in orphanages or bounce between foster homes.
Miracle Foundation is working to change that. Learn More.

Children’s lives improved

Social Workforce Trained

Foster Children reached through FosterShare™ app


Unite Children with Families

It’s time to move from orphanages to families, and we have a proven field-tested method to make sure this is done safely. Help us bring them home.
Initiative: Unite

Prevent children from entering the system

The orphan crisis will never end until we stop it at the source. This means: Identifying vulnerable families long before the idea of child placement is necessary. Here’s how we do it.
Initiative: Prevent

Create technology to help scale our work

By creating scalable intuitive apps that are easily adapted to any language or culture, we accelerate every aspect of our work and form partnerships around the world.
Initiative: FosterShareTM

The Thrive Scale™. Because Good Intentions Are Not Enough

At Miracle Foundation, we use data to drive our decisions and ensure that all children thrive.
Learn more about our Thrive Scale™ and how it’s revolutionizing child protection.

76% Increase in Thrive Scale TM scores with Children We Support

Lifting Up Foster Families

See how Miracle Foundation is transforming the way foster families and case managers communicate. Our breakthrough new app is rolling out across Texas and changing lives.


As part of our ever-expanding reunification program, we work to link families to available schemes and services offered by local or federal governments. In many instances, resources are available. Families just don’t know about them.


Miracle Foundation ensures all children we work with are attending school, providing tablets and supplies for remote learning if necessary, and following up with coordinators to ensure attendance and good performance.


Miracle works to ensure that all girls are treated with the same care shown to their brothers. This involves eliminating forced marriage and monitoring safety. We also actively promote girls and women’s participation in our programs.


In all that we do, we recognize the dignity of work and the power of opportunity. This includes providing career counseling for those who need it and connecting to job opportunities for caregivers.


As a part of any interventions we are involved in, we make sure at risk children are safe, separated from any perpetrators, appropriate authorities are contacted and counseling is offered.


One of the goals is to strengthen the science, technology and innovation capacity for least developed countries. Our “Keep Kids Connected” program delivers tablets and internet to youth who have no access to these critical tools.

We Change What We Measure

We believe in the Sustainable Development Goals and focus on the ones we can measure. Choose one to see the progress we are making

Whether in orphanages or foster care,

Every child has the right to a safe, stable & permanent home.

Ready to Have a Global Impact?

There are lots of ways to partner with us. All you have to do is choose the way that works best for you. Whether you are rich in time, connections or cash, everyone can make a difference.


Whether with a single donation or a multi-year commitment, choose the impact level that’s right for you.


Tell the Miracle Foundation story on your social media and use your platform to help protect vulnerable children.


Give time. Volunteer. Hold a fundraiser. Get involved. Everyone has 24 hours each day. Can you spare a few?

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