The Miracle Foundation Child First Digital Toolkit is a living, breathing resource for people supporting and caring for vulnerable children around the world. Our goal is to provide a loving family for every child and deliver life-changing care. The Child First Digital Toolkit provides the hands-on training materials to empower you to put this knowledge to work.

If you’re caring for or supporting vulnerable children, you’ve come to the right place to learn. Our hope is that—together—we can create miracles for the world’s children, ensure a loving family for every child, and provide every single child with the rights they deserve. Join us in taking a stand for children.

Let’s Get Started, Shall We?
Getting Started

Welcome to the Miracle Foundation Child First Digital Toolkit, a lifelong learning community for all who support vulnerable children around the world.

The videos and resources available here will give you the information and tools you need to provide the best possible care to children. On many pages of the Child First Digital Toolkit, you will have access to materials you can download to inspire you to take action!

The best part? It’s all free. (That being said, donations are greatly appreciated and help us continue to provide informative, engaging content.)

We look forward to keeping in touch to learn from you and hear your feedback. Together, we can make miracles for the world’s vulnerable children.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Video Transcript:

We get calls every day from orphanages that want us to support them. We get calls from donors that want to know how to know if their money is really going to where it’s supposed to go. We get calls from people that want to know how to raise the standard of living in the children’s home they’re supporting on another continent.

So we thought this would be a great place for us all to come, so that—not only can you download information about knowing how to know where your money is going and knowing how to raise the standard in the children’s home that you know and love—but also to upload information and tell us your best practices.

I want to talk about why we’re creating this website. Tell us how you have raised the standards in the children’s homes that you’re supporting or how you keep housemothers happy and stable, how you train people.

This is a two-way conversation, so that everybody that cares about parentless children can come together in one place to talk about best practices, what our challenges are, and what we’re going to do to really give these children the loving families they deserve.

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