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Giving Divya Hope: A Story from a Rural Vadodara Village

My name is Divya and I am 12 years old. I live in a small village in India with my family. We were a happy family, all together. My mom and dad worked really hard to take care of us four kids. But then, something really sad happened.

One day, my dad had a heart attack, and he didn’t make it. I was shocked and heartbroken. It happened so suddenly, and I couldn’t believe he was gone. So, my mom had to look after us all by herself. It was super tough because we didn’t have enough money for things like food, school, medicines, and even having a safe place to live.

It got even harder when my grandparents took my big brother, Vikas, to help them on their farm. I missed him a lot, and it felt like our family was falling apart. On top of that, because my mom didn’t have her own bank account, we lost some of the help we used to get for our house.

My mom had to make a really difficult choice. She was thinking about sending my sisters and me to a place called a Child Care Institution, so we could have a better life. I knew it was for the best, but this would mean that we’d have to be away from our mom. The thought of this scared me so much.

Then, something good happened. Miracle Foundation came to help us. They could see that splitting our family up wasn’t the right thing to do. They talked to my mom and made a plan, gave us food, and even a place to stay so we wouldn’t have to leave our mom. They eventually helped my mom get a house and gave her some things to sell to make money.

Our journey isn’t over yet, but things are getting better. My mom is stronger, and my sisters and I feel hopeful again.

When people like you support families like ours, it makes a big difference. Your help can allow families to stay together, have a place to live, go to school, and find jobs. It gives families a chance to rebuild their lives and get opportunities for a better future. Thank you for helping families like mine.

Miracle Foundation

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